This is my FIRST POST . . . and I have to ask you . . . are you doing your OWN thinking?

This is my goal . . . these posts represent what various (as objective as I can find) media sources are reporting and, here and there, my thoughts and opinions.  The media may be biased . . . may be, in ways, controlled by the moguls who own them, but, by and large, most professional reporters seem to honestly want to report *real facts* and inform the American public as to what is *really* going on — which is a good thing.  Think WATERGATE.

I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican — I consider myself an American. Moreover, I am a CITIZEN OF THIS PLANET.  So, while I deeply care for America, I also care for the world; and, as stated in the Bible, humans are to be ‘good stewards’ of this world we’ve been given to live in . . . we are to take good/responsible/loving care of it.

I am a veteran, and I love this country and want to see it thrive and proper.  Most of all, as I write this, I want to see it SURVIVE.  I think our very SURVIVAL may be at stake here, and I *hate* having to say that.

If I write something that turns out to be inaccurate, it will never be deliberate.  2+2 will never equal 5 on these pages (if I can help it).  So, please point out errors with *facts* where/if you see them and I will be happy to amend what I write (after fact-checking ‘your’ facts on the matter).

I want to be fair, reasonable, and balanced as I comment on what’s going on right now in this country which is so badly hurting and so badly divided.  It needs HEALING.  Can DJT heal the country?  Is he capable?  It is HIS MISSION, or should be, like it or not.  It does not appear that he has a desire to.

Prior to the election of DJT I did not monitor politics or give them any of my time or attention.  He now has my attention!  Mainly, but not only, because of some of his remarks regarding the use of nuclear weapons.  Remember the quote from the film, War Games? “The only way to win the game, is not to play.”  That DJT lacks the demeanor and deportment (one wants, hopes for, and desires in a POTUS) is self-evident.

My historical view of politics, which has not changed, is that the world is run by the super rich and super powerful (which are the same folks, the 1%) and that politicians are often puppets to the rich and powerful.  For example, the food industry is deliberately trying to get consumers ADDICTED to various food products, same as TOBACCO did with cigarettes. They are *allowed* to get away with this because they have a gazillion dollars with which to control political leaders.   No regulations will ever be enacted to prevent this.

DJT was already rich (as far as we know — we haven’t seen his tax return) but he didn’t have the *power* that he has now . . . which frankly scares moi.  He obviously desires power . . . probably all the modern POTUS did.  However, he who is reckless and impulsive with small matters . . .  can he be trusted to do otherwise with matters that are VITALLY IMPORTANT — VITAL to our very SURVIVAL?

Don’t forget . . . OUR LEADERS LIED TO US ABOUT THE VIET NAM WAR . . . our leaders lie, when it suits them . . . and, in their own minds, they justify and rationalize it and say it’s okay.  Remember what Nixon told Frost, When the POTUS does it, it’s not against the law.”  

ARE you doing your OWN thinking?  Or merely acting on what you’ve been told and taught by others since the cradle.  We *are* born into a *system* and that system *does* seek to *program* and *indoctrinate* you so that by the time you’re an adult you do things WITHOUT QUESTION . . . just because THAT is how you are SUPPOSED to do them.  Many people, I fear, are in a trance . . . when you’re in a trance, you don’t *know* you’re in a trance — you’re not aware of it.  Something has to happen to snap you out of it!  RE-EVALUATE, with your own mind, your own research, all the *important* things you’ve been taught about life and living and relationships and government and everything that matters.  DO YOUR OWN THINKING — don’t let someone else do it for you.

Do you know what cognitive distortions are?   Here’s a link to help you get started.  Be aware.  THINK . . . for yourself.


Also, each post will be written assuming that you have started with the ‘first’ posting and will thus be familiar with the recurring issues, problems, situations, words and abbreviations, etc. you will discover in subsequent postings.


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