What happened on 02/01/2017?

Today the USA puts Iran “on notice” for testing a ballistic missile, lawfully.  In other words, some experts are saying it was within their rights to do so, and it was not, as some are reporting, a nuclear weapon.  The media is reporting that this is ‘vague’ language and wonder how intentional that language is.  The media is ‘wondering’ quite a bit these days.

POTUS insults the leader of Australia during a phone call and the call ends badly — the Australian leader (our friend, in the world) is angry and upset.  During a recent phone call with the leader of Mexico he threatened to send US Troops there . . . to deal with “bad hombres.”  Someone from his inner circle is leaking some details, like these, to the media. There is no doubt a hunt on within his admin. to find out ‘who’; perhaps it is more than one person.

The Russians have aggressed in the Ukraine and POTUS is silent (today).  As far as I know, he has not made comment, publicly, on this ‘ever’ (I’m not sure).

Tillerson is confirmed.

Lots of protests throughout the country.

Lots of official and unofficial dissent w/in the Administration.

The POTUS threatens that GOP should “go nuclear” (if necessary) to secure confirmation for his pick for the Supreme Court.  He uses this word far too freely and cavalierly!

Lots of push-back and lawsuits over the POTUS’s action to ban free travel for seven involved countries.

DeVos confirmation, in trouble.

When the POTUS talks to world leaders he routinely boasts of the size of his crowds (at various places) and stuff like that . . . bragging, beating his own drum.  This is not the drum of the USA . . . this is the drum of a ‘person’ . . . a billionaire former game show host who also happens to have been legally elected POTUS.  He said he wanted to “. . . bring the American people together.”  So far there have been no signs of that.

Many think the POTUS’s position is not “America First” but “America Only,” which will upset the world order and create destabilization in the world and embolden our enemies.

During his campaign the POTUS said he liked dissenting opinions, but he’s offered no public evidence of this by how he’s conducted himself thus far.

More and more of the POTUS’ base support is starting to question his actions and be alarmed by them; but, many still support him, seemingly ‘blindly.’

Things are escalating . . . how does this end?  (It’s not looking good and I, for one, am afraid).

One of the POTUS’ main advisors, Bannon, is in favor of burning down the system and building a new one.  Does this sound familiar?  Many think he is very dangerous.  Bannon says he follows the tenets of Lenin, who had the ‘burn it down’ philosophy.  It seems that he would like to re-write or throw out the Constitution (which is the system) if he could.

First Lady hasn’t been to D.C. much but has said, “We will fight, we will win, we will make America great again!”  WHO are we fighting?  There is speculation she will spend little time in D.C.

Verbal hostilities are escalating on the Hill between parties.

The POTUS says Obama to blame (in part) for Tehran’s missile firing (see above).

The experts say that the diplomatic language of POTUS could not be worse, that it lacks clarity and focus and nuance (all essential to good diplomatic relations).  Critics are saying that he is essentially behaving as a ‘buffoon’ as he, one-by-one, insults and offends our friends and allies.

A war with Iran could lead to much loss of American lives.

Bannon and the POTUS *want* to upset the world order (which could have dire consequences for the entire world).  They may be trying out some of the material in this book:


While watching the ‘news’ I see a ‘breaking report’ that Berkeley Campus in Calif. had about 1500 protesters show up protesting someone who was going to speak who was from the ALT RIGHT — Milo Yiannopoulous, senior editor for Breitbart News, a conservative (some say ALT RIGHT) news and opinion website.   Steve Bannon wrote for this website prior to serving the POTUS.

Some protesters are advocating anarchy.  (All of this will serve to prove POTUS Trump correct in some of his views and make his position stronger, not weaker).  Police are in riot gear and ordering them to disperse.  Some are attacking the police, breaking windows, dressed all in black with makeshift shields and starting fires with gasoline, setting a tree on fire.  The speech was cancelled.  The crowd seems ‘delighted’ at what’s happening.  A USA flag is being burned (I am against this!).  I could hear some people laughing.  The crowd is mostly of ‘young faces’ with some professional protesters on-hand.  I condemn this protest (because of the violence).  [The TV has no problem breaking for 12 minutes of commercial ads!]  Where is the fire department?  Someone finally sprayed the fire with a foam to smother it.  Crowd there declares WAR against the POTUS and his agenda.  Anti-Trump rap songs are being played.  (So, the ALT LEFT is crashing a planned speech by the ALT RIGHT, which will only serve to embolden the ALT RIGHT).

Police did use tear gas, but the crowd did not disperse (last time I checked).  When I checked online news an hour or so later, I did not find a summary of the ultimate outcome of these events tonight on that campus.