The Media . . .

Oh boy . . . the media.  For a long time I’ve not been a fan of the media.  I think much of the so-called news today is not objective reporting.  I like that many of the people in the field seem sincere and genuine and bright . . . but most reveal that they do have a bias, a political leaning.

I don’t like that and I don’t like the *voice* you hear announcing this and that (off screen) — it sounds much like the *big voice* you hear (off screen) in many movie trailers.  There is a sense of HYPE about it all that is a turn-off.  Watch the film NETWORK (1976) and much of that is not far off.  Somewhere along the line news moguls started to desire good *ratings* and they tried to make the news more *entertaining* with many of the faces in the news looking like male and female models.  The ‘accent’ of a news anchor from Atlanta sounds much like a news anchor from Los Angeles — this has not always been the way of things. Also, the *ads* are many, perhaps taking up more time in the hour than actual content.  On the ‘left’ MANY commercials about Rx drugs, all of which list many side effects that seem worse than the ailment they are trying to treat.  TV was invented so BIG BUSINESS could present PRODUCTS and entertainment, not education.  Watch the film, “Good Night and Good Luck” . . . good stuff.  Murrow was right about much.  I also encourage everyone to read Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and books on how Americans have been systematically ‘dumbed down’ and ‘indoctrinated’ into various ways of thinking and being.

All of what follows is relevant to 2/2/17.

Putin says that the Ukraine is the culprit, not Russia.  Russia trying to find out who leaked evidence of Russian hacking (in our last election).  According to 17 US intelligence agencies Russia did hack the DNC.  POTUS takes some action today . . . he eases some of the cyber sanctions we had against Russia — the very RU agency accused in the hacking.  Wha?

Trump is described as a “blunt instrument” by many in the media.

*** Clarification re: Mexico, and sending in troops.  POTUS says that was a “lighthearted” remark and merely was offering to ‘assist’ in dealing with an out-of-control drug problem coming out of Mexico . . . not like we were going to ‘attack’ Mexico, as some news sources seem to imply.  Did they do so willfully or b/c that is what they believed?  Not sure. ***

Does DJT desire conflict with Iran?  If so, why?

The Australians are not quite corroborating reports that the phone call with POTUS was a “bad” call.

One of DJT’s primary advisors, Kellyanne Conway (KC), says POTUS has final say in all matters; that he confers a lot with others.  She says it’s “not fair” that more of his cabinet picks have not been confirmed.  She says a lame duck president doesn’t get to choose someone for the Supreme Court.  When asked if that would be true when DJT becomes ‘lame duck’ she would not comment.  She believe Tillerson will go down as one of the greats.  DJT is at war with “radical Islamic terrorism” (and not Islam, although Islam doesn’t see it this way).  When asked how DJT is ‘unifying the country’ she did not reply.

Sen. Chris Murphy goes on record saying that the world is “not afraid of DJT” (implying that Trump will be unable to intimidate them, despite attempts to do so).  He says a fight with Iran could set off WWIII.  He says DJT’s foreign policy so far as been a disaster and that his name-calling is divisive.

My opinion:  The world is interconnected.  We must nurture relationships and depend on others (just as we do in our personal lives).  We can’t be defined merely by what we’re against.

DJT has not stopped his campaign rhetoric.  Why is this?  So far he’s not done what must be done — stop playing politics and start governing.  The degree of resistance to DJT is unprecedented.  He is pugnacious and bellicose and seems to enjoy being that way — likes being branded a ‘disrupter’ . . . much of his base likes this as well (or so it is being reported).

DJT’s lack of continuity (with actions/decisions/promises by past POTUS) may un-do many of the good things accomplished in the past.  We mustn’t un-do or destroy what we’ve built, e.g. strong allies.  He seems bent on destroying or disabling things that have historically been proven successful.  He seems to be ignorant of and willing to trash *tradition* and promises made by former POTUS.  If our promises are only good for 4-8 years, what kind of promise is that!?

Our allies are ‘un-nerved’ (around the world and w/in his own house) because of his   thug-like deportment and lack of diplomacy.  There is much dissent w/in his own party.  Many do not like that he is brash and gruff.  In reply to his critics on this, DJT says, “We must be tough.”

Mexico desires WIN-WIN solutions with POTUS (and others) but it seems POTUS only likes a model or outcome of WIN – LOSE, unable to see other/better alternatives.

Sen. McCain spoke like a POTUS to the leaders of Australia, trying to smooth over POTUS misbehavior during a phone call.  He said what DJT should’ve said.  McCain was very upset/hot.

At a prayer breakfast, re: reports of his gruff behavior during calls with our allies, he said, “Don’t worry about it if I talk tough, that’s what I do.”  At this same breakfast he spent some time talking about the fallen ratings of his former TV show and asked for prayers for better ratings!  Some say he did okay at this thing, others say not.  He wants to kill the Johnson law that says churches can’t be political without losing their tax-exempt status.  Many think this would be a bad idea.

One analyst: “No world leader is going to publicly admit that DJT got the ‘better’ of them during a phone call.  No world leader is going to whine (and lose face) about DJT in public.”  Good point, didn’t think of that.

POTUS Obama planned a raid on Yemen but left it to DJT to implement, after DJT went through the usual process of making such a raid happen.  Some are saying the raid was botched, and people killed b/c of his lack of leadership and comprehensive understanding of how things work.  Over and over his critics are saying there is a difference between campaigning and governing and he has zero experience in governing.  Yemen is a major terrorist nest.

DJT’s base says he’s not been given a “chance” (so far) and others openly admit they are “prejudiced” against non-whites (in general) and said all the people they know and hang with are also like this.

The main thing Iran was forbidden to do was test a *nuclear* weapon.  They didn’t test a nuclear weapon but a ‘conventional’ one.  So, some would say we’re wrong to hassle them over doing what we do, which is making sure we can defend ourselves against enemies. Why can’t Iran have conventional defensive weapons?  Why are we picking a fight with them?  This can have dire consequences.

There are lots of leaks coming from ‘somewhere’ within POTUS org.  KC says they are not coming from the WH.  How would she know?

DJT now says that voter fraud investigation (the 3 – 5 million illegal voters) is no longer a priority.  Wha?  Why not?  If true it would be the biggest case of that ever.  Many in the GOP want him to “forget about it.”

We’re still talking about 2/2/17 . . . and, on the Fox channel (Hannity) reported on very little of the above.  What they mainly said was that DJT is doing what he said he was going to do and he was doing it at a fast pace and that this is good and there’s nothing wrong with anything he’s doing as far as they’re concerned and they think the ‘left’ is just going ‘nuts’ (b/c they ‘lost’) and are lashing out.  They want former POTUS Obama to publicly condemn the student violence.  I agree with this.  They also want the liberal    talk-show hosts to condemn the recent student violence (which I do).  But listen, a real news anchor is not there to express their personal opinions but to report the news, as fairly and objectively as possible.  Many of these so-called *news programs* are not really news programs as much as political platforms to promote their biased views.  BE KEENLY AWARE OF THIS!   DON’T LET ANYONE ELSE DECIDE FOR YOU HOW TO FEEL.   It/they are essentially a form of ‘propaganda’ . . . and both sides are doing it!  They are more “shows” than “news.”  They are CALCULATED TO RILE YOU UP AND GET YOU ALL EXCITED AND OUT OF SORTS.  They are often appealing to your EMOTIONS.  This is true of all the cable ‘news’ shows I’ve seen.  I have not been watching news on ABC and CBS (that I know of) so I can’t comment re: them.

The hostilities and rancor between the L and R news pundits needs to stop.  How can a country with only two primary parties, always at odds with each other, who each express such disdain for the other, be successful?  Doesn’t this jazz hurt the country?  It’s like the right hand, being constantly at war with, or at odds with, the left.  It’s ultimately self-defeating.  And doesn’t much of what gets reported add fuel to existing animosities?  And doesn’t some of what gets reported aid our enemies (who monitor our news).  Anyone, anywhere, can see how we, as a country, are ‘at’ each other . . . that our countrymen and women are ‘at’ each other.  This is not good and does not serve or help the USA.  Don’t our enemies delight in this . . . don’t they say, “See, I told you.” (?)


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