USA not “innocent” says POTUS-DT

DT seems to ‘demean’ and disrespect the ‘process’ and anyone who doesn’t go along with what he proposes, says, or does.  Words *are* important and have consequences.

The courts are in conflict, but early this a.m. (Feb. 5, 2017) the 9th Federal Court (in San Francisco) upheld the TRO from yesterday until a more full hearing on Monday, 2/6/17.  The DOJ appealed the TRO, but it was upheld by the 9th.

Hundreds of pro-DT and anti-DT folks marched outside his FL compound last night, mostly peacefully, with a few ‘tussles.’  I believe there were ‘more’ anti-DT people gathered.

DT uses his ‘Tweets’ to speak directly to his base and bypass the media.  But what about the country?  He is President of ALL the people now . . . shouldn’t he address EVERYONE and not just the people who voted for him?  Also, many in his base are likely not techies who gravitate toward computers and that kind of technology . . . many blue collar people are not interested in computers and email, etc.

A Fox news reporter (Bill O.) interviewed DT and Bill O. said to the POTUS that Putin was a “killer.”  DT replied that the US was not that “innocent” either.  Critics are saying that to compare us thusly with RU is a major goof (to put it mildly) that will not play well with anyone in the USA, friend or foe. The POTUS seems to endorse Putin, and his deeds, which include murder.  Some people believe the POTUS is a practitioner of a propaganda technique known as whataboutism:

But what the POTUS said/says (about Putin) is not in step with what UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (whom DT appointed) recently said which was critical and condemning of Putin.  So far POTUS has not publicly ‘corrected’ her (or Tweeted about it, that I’m aware of).  However, he seems to be dispensing with the practice of exclaiming American ideals and the leading, throughout the world, by moral example.  According to Vice-POTUS, “China is the new Russia for DT.”

People living in depressed economies feel that DT is their ‘only hope.’  The main thing they want is good jobs.  They believe DT is a friend of the ‘little man’ . . . others (in the same camp) say, “. . . he was born into wealth and hasn’t a clue about the ‘little man.'”

43 million in the USA live at or below the poverty line.  WOW!  Who’s to blame for this?  The “system?”  This isn’t the fault of DT (clearly) but so far he’s made some decisions that do not benefit the ‘little man’ (but rather big biz).  Thing is, in many parts of the country, and in many small communities, there’s not much opportunity.  Nevertheless, his base believes he will ‘look out for’ them.  If he lets them down, won’t there be large-scale outrage?

The 9th Federal Court has put up so the public can keep track of what’s going on with the current suit and appeals, etc.  and so people around the world can travel (or not) based on developments.  This order (in or out of effect) could affect people while they are literally “in the air.”

The POTUS ‘does’ have broad powers, but modern law decisions/precedents have been in strong support of no discrimination.

Some pundits are saying DT is “too loose” with his words and lacks awareness of what his post and position require and what most people expect from a POTUS (and to be ultimately well thought of by history).  The Vice-POTUS defends DT’s ‘style’ and feels that DT “knows what he’s doing.”  The VP says he finds POTUS gruff/rough style “refreshing.”  The VP believes “strong talk” from POTUS may act as some kind of ‘deterrent.’  He says the POTUS “doesn’t like to look in the rearview mirror.”  But what about the quote: Those who don’t learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them?  This can be true for nations as well as individuals.  I fear far too many have forgotten the lessons of the past, including many of the American populace.

Critics feel DT and team are “factually challenged” and full of ALT-facts (which KC said they possess during a recent “Meet The Press” interview).  DT is ‘not’ getting much support from the nation as a whole — his approval rating is way down.

One-third of Dearborn, MI is Arabic.  They don’t feel welcome in the US anymore; they feel less secure; they say, “DT has changed how people look at us.”

A prominent member of the GOP recently told a reporter, “If politics is music, he is off-key” (referring to POTUS-DT).

POTUS may once again be shooting himself in the foot with his neg. remarks about Federal Judges . . . this may cause many judges who would otherwise support him to change their minds and *not* or stop.  The judges could show some solidarity.

VP also says that Iran supports terror and we must push them back and curtail them.  VP says, “All that matters is results.”  This sort of thing is known as pragmatics and a kind of “The end justifies the means” kind of thinking.  There are obvious problems with this policy.  With that as a guiding principle one could attempt to justify just about ‘anything’ (any behavior, policy, or practice).

Critics:  The Russians and FBI helped DT get elected.  What do the Russians ‘have’ on DT?  They want to see his tax return.  However, many in the GOP, while not so happy with the ‘how’ of DT, do like the ‘substance’ of what he’s doing and how quickly he is moving.  Critics say we must not ‘normalize’ POTUS-DT’s unrepentant behavior.




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