The Media (Part II)


The ‘media’ is rated lower than the current POTUS, and his ratings are very low. Of course DT says this is ‘fake news.’  Is everything he disagrees with ‘fake’?

Somewhere along the line, maybe 25 or so years ago, the public began to lose faith in the media and apparently now it’s the case that many in the public do not trust what the media reports; so, they are kinda ‘on their own’ to figure out what’s what.  So, are we now living in a world where many are walking around with their ‘own’ set of ‘facts’ . . . ‘facts’ that might not jibe with actual reality?   It’s obvious (at least to me) this sort of thing will ‘not’ lead to a ‘better, safer world,’ surely not a “greater America.”

The majority of the current media very well ‘may’ have a left-leaning bias and be consciously or unconsciously anti-DT.  Many that go into the media ‘do’ have a left-leaning.  This is not good.  This does not lead to fair and objective reporting.  Why is there such a discrepancy between what a viewer sees and hears on FOX News as opposed to CNN?  One should expect to see essentially the same content, which is not the case — big time.  CNN seems to have mostly negative things to say about DT, and FOX, mostly in defense of DT.

As previously stated, many so-called ‘news’ programs today are not much more than hour-long ‘editorials.’   This certainly seems to be the case with ‘cable’ news programs/shows.  It’s not like the ‘old days’ when all you had was ABC, CBS, and NBC reporting the news (on television).

Reporters often go beyond just reporting the ‘facts’ and are chiming in with their own perspectives; again, this is editorializing — not what reporters are supposed to do.  Here’s some interesting links:

The American people do have a right to know what the POTUS is doing . . . within limits. But, as advocated on these pages, each American capable of doing so must do his/her OWN THINKING . . . and hopefully that thinking is guiding by sound research, undistorted cognition, a willingness to accept whatever is actually true and accurate,  a willingness to be humble, a spirit of being teachable, and a desire for peaceful and respectful relations, whenever possible.


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