Since 9/11 . . .

Since 9/11/2001 none of the seven banned countries were involved in terrorist acts w/in the USA.

DT says on TV that any reports that are negative about him are “fake news.”  Listen, every POTUS gets negative reviews . . . it goes with the job.  I recall people saying that Obama was going to round up everyone and put them in ‘camps’ and was going to declare ‘martial law’ in order to be POTUS forever.  Obama and all the men that have preceded DT have dealt with negative reports about them.  Some of this is DT’s own fault.  The POTUS is always under the microscope, big-time; every POTUS is.

Some individual states are at odds with the WH.  It will take years for this legal matter to be resolved (over the ‘Travel Ban’).

Critics say DT is “abusing his power.”  Many across the land support the TRO and are trying to get their state added to the pending suit.  Obama had some of his EO’s blocked by Federal Judges and some of those cases never did come to court.

One person has died due to being made to leave the country and unable to get back in to access needed medical care.

Many feel DT and his policies are reckless.  The USC forbids targeting any religious group and giving them any kind of special attention.  He must change his rhetoric and just say that he’s against “terror” (period) no matter where it comes from.

DT acts like the POTUS reigns supreme over the other branches of government.  DT is learning where the boundaries of his power are.  He’s not *King* Trump.

He “acts like” he has a 60% mandate but he lost the popular vote.  One critic, “He governs like he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.”  GOP leader Mitch M. has been silent about much.  He did say the USA is not like Russia.

How can the DNC not be known merely as the ‘opposition’ party (like the GOP was to Obama)?  What is the DNC *for*?  They’ve put forth a trillion dollar infrastructure proposal (or are getting ready to).  This will provide lots of jobs.  The ‘Women’s March’ has energized the Dem. base.  The Dem. Party is broken and needs to be fixed; it has no vision right now . . . there’s no battle of ideas.  The two voices I hear the most are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Will the Dems. emulate the 2009 GOP Congress and ‘their’ concerted efforts to ‘oppose’ (in Congress, no matter what)?

The current SCOTUS nominee “always sides with Big Business” (some say) and whoever sits in that vacant seat will have lots of power.

WH is saying that the “Protesters” are “paid” and are not ‘grass roots’ folks.  This is dis-information and fake news.  Five million women marched around the world the day after DT was sworn-in to uphold the USC he seems to not think much of.

DT says he “respects” Putin and wants to get along with him.  The wanting to get along with him is fine, but “respect”?  Putin is not a popular guy in most of the ‘free world.’   Vice-POTUS backs DT up on this and just about anything DT does.

Speaker Ryan feels Iran is “worse than” Russia and says POTUS-BO is responsible for the shape the world is in.  (Everybody everywhere just seems to do the same thing: blame shift . . . and TALK while the other guy/gal is ‘trying’ to make a point).  Ryan says (like DT and the WH) that “results” is all they care about.  Ryan says he “likes” Bannon.

DT says it could take a year or more before any kind of alternative to ‘Obama-Care’ is ready to roll out.

Critics say that DT doesn’t know “what questions to ask.”  He’s floundering.  Critics are saying the USA is currently experiencing a ‘culture war’.

Oral arguments to occur on Feb. 7 re: TRO and the 9th Ct. out of S.F.  A ‘Fox TV’ panel feel DT is correct with his EO.  However, they feel for DT to call the federal judge a ‘so-called’ judge was a poor term — DT should’ve rather said, “activist” judge.  They say that what DT said re: Putin is “indefensible” and essentially was throwing the USA “under the bus.”  One retired 4-Star General said that no POTUS has ever said anything remotely similar to this to the media and is outraged.

DT needs to stop trashing America in his rhetoric.  Perhaps he thinks that the “Putin”-way of governing is “how ya do it”.  DT has never had a boss, has no prior training or skills or experience in running a country, was never in the military, comes from an elite family, has never known poverty or want, and seems to listen mostly to his ‘own’ voice which he always deems the ‘best.’

There are many competing factions w/in the GOP . . . many do not agree with Speaker Ryan.

Bannon wrote his own EO and put it before DT to sign and DT signed it — which is how he got a seat in the Situation Room (which is unprecedented).

DT told a military audience that the media “for reasons you all know” (which is very vague and not true) often does not report on acts of terror in the world.  This also is un-true.

Doesn’t the American public have a right to know DT’s financial, personal, and political behavior/history as pertains to Putin and Russia?  Putin *kills* his opponents.  DT’s remark (putting Russia and the USA as morally equivalent) is “beyond the pale” (says one pundit).  This is ‘fodder’ for our enemies and will be used as a recruitment tool (and perhaps embolden Putin).

DT says America has “blood on its hands.”  World leaders are concerned — DT seems to value Putin over our European allies.  DT ‘defends’ Putin when he doesn’t have to.  His default is to ‘not’ criticize Putin when asked for comment.

DT accusing the NY Times of ‘making up’ news and sources.  DT doesn’t seem to understand the impact and import of putting Bannon on the Nat. Sec. Council . . . doesn’t seem to realize how unprecedented this is.

Being POTUS is the most difficult job there is.  ‘How’ are decisions being made in the WH? How much does DT know?  Is he merely ‘rubber stamping’ stuff (without closely examining it)?  WH Pressman S. Spicer is under the DT microscope more than others.

DT critics say that DT is giving all Americans, all over the world, a bad name and encouraging the rest of the world to say, “Look, see!  This is how Americans ‘really’ are!”

DoJ says Wash. State does not have ‘standing’ in the matter re: the Travel Ban.  ‘This’ is a key aspect that will have to be decided early on.  The Wash. State AG, “The law matters and impacts our people on the street.”

For POTUS to condemn the ‘Judicial’ branch of government is not good.  How would DT like it if the judge called him a “so-called POTUS”?  The ‘Framers’ knew that individual people can be evil and wanted safeguards in place against ‘individuals’ having too much power — hence the three branches of government.

DT continues to spread non-facts as if they are facts.  Examples:

  • media is covering up acts of terror
  • DT won the popular vote
  • 3 – 5 million people voted illegally for Clinton (but none voted for him)

Why is the POTUS focusing so much on ‘terror’?  Is he trying to prepare us for something he has up his sleeve?  What is DT’s ‘end game’?  Much speculation about that.  There are “guardrails” for any POTUS, regardless of who the POTUS is.  These are to guard against power abuses.

Opinion:  There is too much ‘levity’ on the so-called news channels and far too many personalities (all of which command 7-figure salaries).  Too many are doing too much in trying to ‘entertain’ and/or appeal to one group of the American people more than another.  This is fucked.  Some do aspire to ‘show’ vs. ‘tell’ (and we need more of this).

So far, DT has done little to help the ‘little guy.’

V-POTUS has been appointed to look into the alleged ‘voter fraud.’  He also acts as ‘Defender-in-Chief” of DT, backing up everything and anything DT does without question.  How can ‘he’ investigate the matter w/out coming up with a result that’s sure to please DT?  How can he be truly objective about it?  He can’t.  An ‘independent bi-partisan commission’ needs to look into it.

Also, THE MEDIA is PLURAL.  When DT says, “The Media”. . . WHO is that?  There’s no ONE ‘media’ . . . there’s hundreds and hundreds (these days).  The onus is on the CONSUMER to be smart and to DO HIS/HER OWN THINKING!  Let your thinking be informed by expert opinions, your own life experiences, your notion of exemplary POTUS from the past, and other such stuff.

DT seeks to DELEGITIMATIZE anyone who opposes him or writes something unfavorable about him.  ‘This’ is fucked.  Inside sources say he is obsessed with news about himself and can’t stop watching it, even if it’s ‘bad.’

Some critics say DT is “In over his head, they literally can’t find the lights.”  DT is ‘compromised’ by Putin somehow, some way(s) and DT’s actions benefit RU in certain diverse ways.  DT is ‘elevating’ Putin with his praise.

DT may not be getting regular intel briefings which may’ve been a factor in the recent unsuccessful raid in Yemen (which allowed the main target to escape and later publicly taunt the POTUS).

Critics say that DT and his WH are trying to use CONFUSION as a weapon to control ‘the situation’ (and the American people).  DT seems to disdain what he’s in charge of.  His detractors are hysterical about this.  DT is thin-skinned and bound to lash out whenever he’s troubled and he’s always troubled.  Does it portend well for the USA to have a POTUS who is always troubled and always wanting to lash out?  No.


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