2016 “Tyndall” Report

To contradict the hype: Campaign 2016 was not a blockbuster. The Presidential race received the standard amount of coverage for a non-incumbent contest: slightly less than in 2008, slightly more than in 2000 and in 1988. Nothing unusual.
What was unusual was the coverage of Donald Trump — with more than twice as much airtime as Hillary Clinton — both unprecedented free publicity and unprecedented scrutiny. With ABC’s Tom Llamasin the lead, this election was presented as a contest of personalities rather than of public policy issues.
This was truly a lame-duck year for the Obama Administration, with the least coverage of US foreign policy in the 29-year history of this database, the least on the economy, and the third-least on federal domestic policy. The DC bureaus at ABC and NBC have never received less airtime.
The major global datelines of the year were in the Middle East: Aleppo was reconquered by Syrian government forces; and Iraqi government forces massed to try to reconquer Mosul. CBS treated both as major stories, unlike ABC, which barely mentioned either. Domestically, the ghastly massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was the most newsworthy crime.
NBC, as is its habit, shilled for its sports division during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Brazil, mosquitoes spread a virus that caused birth defects and CBS in-house physician Jon LaPook led coverage.

Most Newsworthy Man of the Year and Woman of the Year are no-brainers: the aforesaid Trump and Clinton, naturally.

Whole report here:  http://tyndallreport.com/yearinreview2016/  It appears to only review ABC, NBC, and CBS.  The Tyndall Report monitors the weekday nightly newscasts of the three American broadcast television networks: ABC World News with David Muir (formerly Charles Gibson and subsequently Diane Sawyer), CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (formerly Katie Couric) and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (formerly Brian Williams).

Opinion:  DT had more coverage b/c he was more controversial and, as a professional showman, had a knack for knowing how to attract attention.  The ‘squeaky wheel’ often gets the ‘grease.’

With ABC’s Tom Llamasin the lead, this election was presented as a contest of personalities rather than of public policy issues.  –> If that is accurate, that is not good.  But don’t most ‘average’ people vote for personalities and are often ignorant of the issues?  Studies have shown that sometimes a candidate will get elected b/c people like their ‘name,’ or their name is similar to a well-known name.  Here’s a link to a study:


According to the Tyndall report, ABC failed to report adequately on some bad stuff in Syria.  But that is ‘one,’ and certainly not evidence of a media conspiracy.  It did say that other news sources ‘did’ report adequately.  But DT, in very recent remarks, seems to take this and run with it and ‘spin’ it into something not accurate . . . that the media (as a whole) is out to get him (paraphrasing) and not reporting on terror in the world and has some kind of secret agenda for doing so. POTUS-DT says all this without proof or evidence, telling us that we should believe him just b/c he said it . . . period.  For many in his ‘base,’ that ‘is’ all they demand.  Many people what DT says, no matter what he says or how it comports with actual facts.  For others, that might work if his credibility wasn’t being called into question nearly every day since he’s taken office (so far).  He keeps getting caught dispensing disinformation.  He keeps saying things that are easily demonstrated to be either distorted or flat-out untrue.  Why?  For what purpose?  The American public has never dealt with a situation like this before (as far as I know).  Some in Congress are calling DT a fraud.

The following is  a ‘scary thing’ to read:



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