Cast of characters (partial list)

“Mitch” McConnell, Jr. Majority Leader of the Senate since January 3, 2015.
“Chuck” Schumer senior United States senator (D) from New York
Elizabeth Warren senior United States Senator (D) from Massachusetts
John McCain senior United States Senator (R) from Arizona
Kellyanne Conway political activist serving as Counselor to President
Sean Spicer White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for President Trump
Stephen “Steve” Bannon political activist and businessman; Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist
Stephen Miller political operative and writer; Senior Advisor to POTUS
Melania Trump First Lady, spouse of POTUS
Ivanka Trump daughter of POTUS
Jared Kushner married to Ivanka Trump; senior advisor to POTUS
Neil Gorsuch nominated by POTUS to vacant seat on US Supreme Court
Jeff Session Attorney General of the US
Betsy DeVos US Sec’y of Education
Rex Tillerson US Sec’y of State
James Mattis US Sec’y of Defense

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