Dark money . . .

Kellyanne Conway (KC) was on Fox News today and said she was giving a “commercial” for Ivanka Trump (I.T.) and her line of products and that people should go out and buy I.T. products like she (KC) was going to do.  The WH said they ‘counseled’ her about this (w/out saying what that means).  Many across the nation are riled about this.

DT is trying to discredit what Sen. Blumenthal said (in quoting Judge Gorsuch) by saying that the Sen. misrepresented his own military record re: Viet Nam.  WH Press Sec’y Sean Spicer said that SCOTUS nom. Gorsuch made some remarks but the reported remarks had nothing to do with DT.  IMHO this is not accurate . . . but, do your own research!

C. Schumer wants Judge Gorsuch to ‘go public’ and parrot in public fashion what he said to Sen. Blumenthal.  DT says he’s still happy with his SCOTUS ‘pick.’

DT has not removed himself from his biz dealings (as he said he would).  He wants I.T. to profit and prosper off her current role as First Daughter (and sometimes fill-in for the First Lady).

Critic:  DT is whacking away at the very roots of our government . . . petulantly engaging in regular Ad Hominem attacks.  

Putin’s RU opponent was found guilty of a crime today in RU.  Senator Corker (TN) is pushing for ‘getting to the bottom of’ DT’s connection to Putin and why DT seems to want to ‘cozy up’ to Putin.  Sen. Cory Booker is upset over recent remarks by DT re: Putin.  He asks, “Why aren’t we doing more to impede Putin?”

The WH is demanding an apology from Sen. McCain who said the Yemen raid was not successful.  DT engaging in Ad Hominem attacks against Sen. McCain.  McCain says that he was acting properly, within his role as Chairman of the Senate Arms Committee.



One Senator said that DT should’ve called McCain and invited him for a private chat.

Former Senator Lieberman on some issues:

Re: Iran . . . Military action should be a last resort.

Re: Travel Ban . . . Extreme vetting was already in place, what DT did was not helpful.  Why wouldn’t a would-be terrorist just try to fly in from a country other than the seven named?

DT still crying “fake news” (while generating reports that are demonstrably untrue or inaccurate).  S. Bannon says that, “Fear is good” (because it leads to action).  S. Bannon is setting the WH Agenda.  The WH wants to present a very dark, bleak view of the world b/c it’s “good” to do so.  How is it good?

We need to help MX secure it’s southern border.

DT has verbally attacked 35 individuals or groups since winning the election.  Many of these are “nasty, personal attacks.”  So far, many in the GOP are not breaking with the POTUS over his Tweets.

Luther Strange (AL) takes J. Sessions’ seat in the Senate (since J.S. was confirmed as AG).

One critic:  Dark dollars are corrupting our nation.


Mexican spokesperson, Luis Videgary:

  • MX and US need to help each other
  • Part of the problem is there’s a high demand in the US for drugs from MX
  • Any ‘blame game’ should be avoided
  • Re: drugs — the supply & demand of it all must be disrupted
  • MX says lots of weapons from US are coming into MX illegally
    • these weapons are “heavy weapons” and being using by the drug cartels
  • These cartels are getting actual cash from the US
  • A wall (proposed by DT) is perceived negatively by MX
  • Both countries are important to each other
    • Our relations can’t be one-sided
    • Can’t be about reciprocal back-and-forth threats
  • 5 – 6 million dollars in US jobs depend on the USA’s ability to access Mexican markets



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