Women rally around Warren

SCOTUS-pick Judge Gorsuch told a Connecticut Senator (Blumenthal) that he felt DT’s remarks against federal judges was “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”  This was in a meeting in the Senator’s office.  The Senator asked him to go public with these remarks, but the judge was noncommittal.  Many are wanting the judge to demonstrate that he can ‘stand up to’ the POTUS and not merely be DT’s “puppet” if he is appointed to the highest court in the land.

DT Critic:  “He uses elementary school language . . . taunting language, which is unbecoming of a POTUS.”  A person like this can be easily manipulated . . . you can often get him to go ‘right,’ just by strongly arguing he should go ‘left.’  An emotionally rattled and upset person doesn’t fight/think/reason as intelligently/effectively as one who is cool, calm, collected, etc.

Jeff Sessions is confirmed as AG.

DT blames the federal court, says it is “disgraceful” and that the court judges are to blame if an attack happens.  DT says he knows more than the public about terror, and says the risk is high, but offers nothing beyond this to support his claim.  Then, Sean Spicer says the threat level is ‘not’ that high right now.  Wha?

Nordstrom, the store, decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump products and the POTUS got involved, accusing Nordstrom of “attacking” his daughter.

There is a ‘boycott Trump’ movement to some degree, but using the office of POTUS to defend his daughter’s ‘brand’ is obviously not appropriate.  DT shouldn’t use the power of his position to attack a biz that has a right to sell what it wants.  Doesn’t he have more important matters to tend to?  Didn’t he say he would not pay any attention to family business matters?  The biz of the USA should come before all else.  T J Maxx and Marshall’s have also discontinued her products.

The First Lady (Melania Trump) is suing for $150 MILLION, for ______ harming her ability to earn money, for harming her ‘brand.’

Critic:  Everything about DT is about money or something that can be measured, like the size of a crowd.  He takes everything ‘personal.’  He seems very invested in the business of his family, taking his attention away from the business of the country.

In public DT says that the judges are not as smart as a “bad high school student.”  He says the judges aren’t doing what they should be doing.  He says the threat of terror is “tremendous.”  But, he says he’s going to “take care of it.”

Term: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compartmentalization_(psychology)

Those suffering from borderline personality disorder will often divide people into all good versus all bad, to avoid the conflicts removing the compartments would inevitably bring, using denial or indifference to protect against any indications of contradictory evidence.

This does sound and look familiar.  This Us vs. Them stuff must stop.  We should all be on the SAME TEAM — we’re from the SAME COUNTRY.  Some are saying the POTUS is not ‘fit’ for the office he holds.

Critic:  DT sees the Judicial Branch of the Government as there to serve him.  

EO’s were not used that much prior to Geo. W. Bush and then POTUS-BO after him.  DT is taking the use of EO’s to a whole new level.

Critic: The ‘Politics of Fear’ is central to DT’s ongoing theme and message.  DT ‘says’ he doesn’t want the American people to fear, but many of the things he says and does instill fear.

In public, DT says that he “comprehends better than anyone” and that he knows “words.” Wha!?

On 1/11/17 DT said he would not be involved in any aspect of his family’s business and now he’s publicly spouting off about Nordstrom, which affected their stock prices.  DT seeks to do this business harm.  To use the power of the POTUS for something like this is unheard of.

Critic:  DT nurtures a Culture of Intimidation.

Perhaps DT has no impulse control and just can’t stop himself from saying whatever he feels like saying.  We all must govern our tongues . . . even the POTUS — especially the POTUS.  His words are heard throughout the entire world and matter a great deal.

Update:  A $75 MILLION plane was lost in the botched Yemen raid.

Critic:  DT always reviews himself in glowing terms.

Women are rallying behind Eliz. Warren after the way she was treated and silenced in the Senate yesterday . . . basically told to shut up and sit down and remain silent.  Women are creating posters of iconic women with the following watermarked words:

She was warned . . . she was given an explanation . . . nevertheless, she persisted.  


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