Conduct unbecoming . . .

POTUS-DT said he may issue another EO  . . . may announce this next week.  POTUS has many legal options.  Experts say there will be a change, we just don’t know the details yet.  If taken to SCOTUS, they may upheld the decisions of the lower courts, which would not be good for the WH.

Gen. Flynn had at least one phone call with the Ambassador of Russia prior to the transition of power (last December).  This call was monitored (not sure by whom) and a transcript of the call exists.  Oh oh!  The transcript shows that Gen. Flynn did discuss lifting sanctions on RU once DT was in office.   This is a big deal.

Gen. Flynn has repeatedly denied doing this prior to today.  Today he said that he can’t “rule it out” (that he had that discussion about sanctions).  If found guilty of this Flynn would likely lose his job and perhaps be charged with some sort of crime.  I’m sure much discussion re: this will be seen for the next little while.

This call was during a time when POTUS-BO was still in power and if Flynn did this, it was (among other things) usurping and undermining the current POTUS (BO).  Flynn is accused of telling Putin that Putin could expect to experience a relief in any sanctions imposed by POTUS-BO once DT took power.

On national news another general is critical of Flynn.

Question:  If a lower-ranking officer can be brought up on charges of “conduct unbecoming” . . . why can’t the highest ranking officer?  Why should the standards of conduct be less, as you go up the ladder of success?  They shouldn’t be.  The speculation is that, although DT likes Gen. Flynn, Flynn will continue to be seen as a liability . . . more and more so . . .  and they will maybe replace or demote him.  

Also, (a big also) the MI6 agent (from the UK) who leaked documents late last year which alleged and indicated that Russia was involved in an operation to enhance the chances of DT being elected and to damage the chances of HC being elected.  The investigators today went public to this degree . . . they said there was ‘some’ verification found in the MI6 agent’s documents (thus far) but so far not much re: the more salacious allegations involving ‘Candidate’ DT.

When asked today about all this re: Flynn, POTUS-DT said he didn’t know anything about it.

DT met with the leader of Japan today and DT liked him and invited him to his estate in FL. Somewhere he said that everyone should treat him as well as this Japanese leader is doing.

Critic:  Any organization typically becomes ‘like’ its leader.

POTUS, in the presence of a few Democratic Senators, said, re: Eliz. Warren, “Pocahontas is now the face of your party.”  DT called her this on the campaign trail and is referring to his opinion that Warren misrepresented her heritage in the past (she claimed she must be Native American b/c she has high cheekbones (?)).

*** Remember –> I (this writer) am not a Republican.  I am not a Democrat.  I am not a fan of any politician.  ***  But I’m also not against this or that just to have a windmill to tilt at.  

Why don’t you ever hear about this sort of thing . . .?   The WH does a diligent search to find the best and brightest in the land, in their respective fields, that have impeccable character and credentials, that are earning less than $100,000 a year . . . and the WH hires THOSE people to fill his cabinet.  

Wouldn’t that truly be “draining the swamp”?  Wouldn’t that be getting the graft out?  

Most, if not all, national politicians are millionaires or billionaires.  DT has filled his staff with mostly VERY RICH PEOPLE or MILITARY PEOPLE.  How is this draining the swamp?  It’s not.  

Many are upset about DeVos . . . a billionaire.

Her critics say that she purchased her seat for


Generally speaking, people are as angry now as when Obama took office in 2009 . . . and the Tea Party began to emerge.

Re: the HEALTH CARE PLAN (Obama Care) . . . why didn’t the GOP have a plan ready to rollout as soon they took power?  Leaders within the Republican party are leveling this criticism.


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