TRO upheld (so far) . . . “POTUS not subject to review.(?)”

Today the 9th Circuit Court upheld the TRO by a Washington State Federal Judge.  The Judges today said they think DT’s EO was a “political decision;” said the DoJ failed to prove its case.  DT/DoJ plans to appeal.  The court maintains it has a right to review the case, despite counter claims by the DoJ.  So far, four judges have ruled against DT’s EO.  The DoJ could ask for another hearing with more judges on the panel (than three) or could try to argue the case on it’s “merits” in Wash. State.  Or, it could go to the SCOTUS.  DT could w/draw his EO and write a new order that might ‘get through.’  DoJ tried to tell the court that what DT did was “not subject to review” . . . the court didn’t see it that way.

Senator Schumer is asking for a bi-partisan cooperative congressional action/solution that we all agree is a good idea and will help make us safe.

Remarks and Analysis by critics and supporters:

DT’s first reaction is typically to aggressively fight back.

One branch of the government MUST BE able to oversee another branch . . . this is the ‘checks and balances’ part of the USC that makes our government unique and makes it difficult (hopefully impossible) for one person to hold ‘all’ the power.

The DoJ could not explain ‘what happened’ (since Obama left office) that requires such an extreme EO.  The court ruled that the process in place was working, and if working, it’s not broke and there’s nothing to fix.  –> There’s no ‘perfect’ way to ‘perfectly’ keep terrorists out 100% (foolproof, no matter what).

DT’s base feels the court order was ‘weak’ and flaky; will be “easily won on appeal.”  We’ll see.

Judge Gorsuch (so far) won’t confirm remarks to officials (off the record, while making the rounds, doing office visits).  He’s trying to take back what he said, saying he really meant that he was speaking in ‘general’ terms and was not referring to remarks/Tweets by the POTUS.  At least this is what DT is saying . . . I haven’t heard the judge say anything further on the matter (so far).

Sen. Blumenthal says he stands by his earlier report.

One critic:  Sometimes it take more courage to say, “I’ve made a mistake.”  Have we ‘ever’ heard this from DT?  With DT it’s all about ‘winning’ (tossing the USC under the bus).

Lots of Republicans still support DT.  DT has some loyal followers . . . but all will fall away but the most emotionally driven as it becomes more and more apparent that DT doesn’t know what he’s doing, really only cares about himself, and is unable to stop himself from attracting negative attention when he tries to bully his way through nearly every situation he encounters (especially if there’s any sign of resistance to him and his goals).

DT see nothing wrong with K. Conway’s remarks on Fox News to “Go buy Ivanka products right now.”  He patted her on the back and told her to keep up the good work.  She said she wished everyone had such a great boss.  K. Conway, blatantly trying to ingratiate herself with I.T. . . . proving she is clueless about her responsibilities to the USA (not DT) ‘ethically’ speaking.  You’d think that everyone in the whole world would see the wrong in this — not D.T.,  not K. C.

Many are afraid to ‘cross’ DT (and this is how he wants it).

Senators Blumenthal, Sasse and Schumer . . . plus former Senator Ayotte . . . plus GOP counselor Bonjean; plus some of Judge Gorsuch’ own staff heard what the Judge said . . . remarks made in a private office, but remarks the judge encouraged the senators to repeat and quote him on.  Why he’s backing away from that now — doesn’t look good — looks like he’s more interested in pleasing DT than in doing/saying what is right, proper, correct, exemplary.  On the “Hill” don’t we want to see a whole lot of EXEMPLARY and admirable?   Don’t we want our leaders to be full of INTEGRITY?

DT has a history of disrespecting judges.  All of this is easy to find online (I refer to video tapes of his actual words).

DT is saying he may issue another EO re: travel (next week).  There will be a change — we just don’t know what that looks like as yet.  The DoJ may not take it to SCOTUS b/c a loss there would be devastating and make them look worse.



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