A “system” of CHECKS & BALANCES . . .

A bipartisan letter requesting disciplinary action for Kellyanne Conway (KC) is circulating; however, ultimately the POTUS would have to implement any recommended discipline (and it’s made it clear he support her behavior — promoting his daughter’s products on Fox News recently).

There are many heated Town Hall Meetings (mostly GOP) across the land with people quite divided (yea and nay) re: the Affordable Care Act (ACT; aka ObamaCare).  People are afraid of losing their health care.  This shouldn’t be a ‘partisan’ issue.

http://www.npr.org/2017/02/11/514612245/8-fact-checks-on-the-trump-administration-this-week  Fact checks on POTUS-DT.  DT and many of his people are either ignorantly or deliberately trying to represent fiction as fact.  People reading this — DO YOUR OWN FACT CHECKING. Even in the Bible there’s an admonition to check out the ‘facts’ for yourself.  (Acts 17:11)


When a judge who helped derail President Trump’s travel ban was hit with online threats, the abuse raised safety concerns among jurists across the country, and experts are worried that the president’s own attacks on the judiciary could make judges a more inviting target.


Gordon Adams, a professor at American University who worked on defense budgeting in the Clinton administration, called McCain and Trump’s fight over the Yemen raid a “microcosm” of what’s to come in the next few years.


President Donald Trump called the legal system “broken” on Saturday morning, a day after he suggested the White House could release a further draft immigration order early next week.

So, is POTUS-DT suggesting disregarding the legal system and to just listen to him and do whatever he wants to do without the checks and balances afforded by the USC?  Well, if that were the case . . . the way of things . . . what would that be called?  One thing for sure, it wouldn’t be America anymore.

There are no perfect:

  • people
  • ideas
  • programs
  • governments
  • nations
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

NOTHING is perfect here (on earth).  But does that mean we should throw out the USC? The CHECKS and BALANCES of the USC are needed BIG TIME — PERHAPS LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

http://fortune.com/2016/03/16/donald-trump-mar-a-lago/  DT made over $15,000,000 last year from his Florida club (and the “Winter Whitehouse”) Mar-a-Lago.  He’s there today.

Like George Bush’s Kennebunkport compound and George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas retreat, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a luxurious escape for his family.  But unlike George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush’s homes, Mar-a-Lago is also a business: a private club and spa that reportedly made him $15.6 million last year. Trump keeps a section of Mar-a-Lago private, for the use of his family.

http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/09/behind-trumps-victory-divisions-by-race-gender-education/  Some interesting charts here:

  • 53% of MALES v0ted for DT

  • People OVER 40 years old voted for DT

  • Mostly CAUCASIANS voted for DT

  • Mostly those making OVER $50,000/yr. voted for DT

  • 80% who answer to “CONSERVATIVE” voted for DT


  • People who did NOT go to college voted for DT

Opinion:  Politicians will promise you the moon and tell you what you want to hear TO GET ELECTED.  Once elected, they do whatever they want to do.  This is all of them — no matter who. Many/most times they do NOT deliver on their promises.  Do your own fact-checking on this. Many times their actions benefit the SUPER RICH AND POWERFUL 1% who have most of the wealth and power, in this country and throughout the world.  Do you think it’s an ‘accident’ that DT has filled (and/or is trying to fill) much of his cabinet with BILLIONAIRES?  Do you think a BILLIONAIRE really gives a hoot about the so-called ‘little man’?  Please *hold* your staunch support of DT until you see and feel and experience that he has kept promises that will directly benefit you (who I am assuming is not a rich politician).  Just b/c someone has been successful in private business matters doesn’t mean he/she knows anything about how to successfully run a NATION.  Running a nation is infinitely more complex, complicated, nuanced . . . so many more “balls” are up in the air . . . and mistakes can cost lives — much more valuable than dollars.   Having said that, not much is likely to change until/unless the above people (who voted for DT) start showing up at Town Hall Meetings and on the doorsteps of their respective Senators and Representatives demanding changes.

The net worth of a typical member of Congress has grown 20% since 2007. During those same years, the net worth of the typical American household dropped 35%.


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