From politics to purpose . . .

Russia denies Gen. Flynn discussed sanctions last December with the Russian Ambassador.

ICE officials are arresting lots of people in several states.  One officer says that nothing is different — same as when the POTUS was B.O.  However, the EO by D.T. expanded who could be targeted for deportation.  Many protests around the country.

Critic:  The spirt of who we are as a country is being adversely impacted by DT and his admin.

Protests today over right to life vs. right to choose with more pro-choice sentiment on the streets.

N. Korea fired a ballistic missile into their sea.  Analysts are saying this was done ‘now’ b/c the leader of Japan is in the USA and visiting with POTUS-DT and N. Korea wanted to be provocative.  One pundit says that N. Korea has done “what it wants” for decades — no one has been able to reel them in.  40% of their GNP goes to the military (not the people). The US will likely ignore N. Korea and focus on Iran.

Lots of “Town Hall” meetings around the country today with angry Republicans showing up over possible loss of health care.

Republicans are pushing back against DT almost as much as the Dems.  Despite the claims of DT, there are no paid protestors.  The current resistance movement has people from all races and ages.

A while back DT tweeted that N. Korea would ‘not’ fire a missile.  Now N. Korea has done so.  S. Korea is beefing up their defenses.  The US ‘could’ do some sanctions on N. Korea. N. Korea has the capability of sending a missile to our lower 48 states.  In 3-5 years they will have long-range nuclear weapons and pose a severe threat.  The leader of N. Korea wants to appear very strong.  China is helping N. Korea arm itself.

This is the first real foreign policy test for DT Admin.  No doubt POTUS is discussing strategy with the leader of Japan. DT didn’t/doesn’t realize how important, layered, and nuanced foreign policy is — it’s very complicated.  Our diplomats need to know that POTUS has their “back” 100%.  Russia ‘could’ help with N. Korea and reveal whether or not they ‘really’ want to aid the US (or just pretend they do).  How Russia behaves on this should be an eye-opener.  This is considered a “developing situation.”

DT had a ‘good call’ with the leader of China the other day.  The US should reach out to S. Korea.

In Baltimore there was a meeting/debate with several leaders of the DNC to determine who would be the next leader of the DNC . . . Sally Boynton Brown of Idaho; Jamie Harrison of S. Carolina; Tom Perez of Maryland; Jehmu Greene of Texas; Sam Ronan of Ohio; Raymond Buckley of New Hampshire; Robert Brannum of Washington D.C.; Pete Buttigieg of Indiana; Peter Peckarsky of Wisconsin, and Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

Some noteworthy remarks or questions:

  • The question is, ‘How does the Party fit w/in the larger movement‘?
  • The Party lost about 1,000 elections, not just POTUS
  • The Party must be in solidarity with the people’s movement
  • The Party must support unions
  • The idea of ‘super’ delegate is outdated
  • No one to be disenfranchised (left out)
  • Important decisions should be made as a group
  • Less unilateral decisions
  • 100% transparency, fairness, inclusion, unity
  • Older generation to mentor younger
  • Regain voter trust
  • Those working for the Party must have clear job descriptions
  • Over the past 30 years the Party has lost rural America
  • D.C. should be made a state
  • The Party needs a strategy and people to come up with one that’ll work
  • The Party needs to better itself (ongoing)
  • Coordination with partners needs to improve
  • A good leader listens
  • What is the Party “for”?
  • The Party needs a ‘national brand’
  • The Party failed to offer the people a “message” (in the last election)
  • The Party whined about offensive the other guy was, and stopped with that!
  • There must be SHOWING and not just “telling;” how have you ‘shown’ you care about what they care about?  How have you helped them solve their issues?
  • No in-fighting
  • The Party must be the Party for the PEOPLE — all people
  • The Party doesn’t have the luxury of complaining
  • What are the common core values?
  • The Party is weaker than it was 8 years ago.  What mistakes do we learn from the last 8 years?
  • The focus can’t just be on POTUS, but much broader and down to grass roots
  • The Party ignored people; did not go door-to-door
  • Workers for the Party need core training
  • Voter suppression must be addressed and dealt with
  • Create a Best Practice Guidebook
  • Good communication at all levels
  • Open debates and primaries
  • Smarter spending!
  • Learn from the past without reliving it
  • No factional struggles
  • Can’t send 1/2 of the Party packing
  • “What about me?”  Is what people were saying that the Party was deaf to
  • The Party failed to tell them, every day, that the Party exists for them — is all about them
  • The Party must be the ‘pro-biz’ party and do business with lots of small biz all over
  • Building up the Party must be a main focus.  Who can do that?  Who has vision?  Who has a history of winning tough victories?
  • The values of the Party must be ‘shown’ every day — put into action
  • The values of the Party are pretty much the values of most Americans
  • Must go from politics to purpose
  • A new generation of leaders must step up; the Party needs a fresh start



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