Face The Nation says, “Another wild week in Washington.”

Senator Chuck Schumer (D) says:

  • N. Korea is testing DT (with the firing of the missile)
  • DT should reach out to S. Korea right now
  • China could help out a lot with N. Korea but so far are unwilling (and aiding N. Korea)
  • The “Ban” should be scrapped (not revised); The “Ban” contains a “religious test”
  • The US needs immigrants — we are a nation of immigrants
  • Our values guide us and we’ll work with DT where our values don’t collide
  • DT is acting more like a ‘hard right Republican’ but ran as a ‘Populist’ who was not loyal to either party (he said)
  • DT has little respect for the rule of law
  • Judge Gorsuch wouldn’t answer some questions Sen. Schumer asked him and would not publicly condemn DT’s behavior of calling a Federal Judge a “so-called Judge” etc.

Senator Jeff Flake (R, AZ) says:

  • The Ban is a bad idea but ‘is’ Constitutional (C)
  • The POTUS has a good motive (keeping us safe)
  • The POTUS Admin. needs to be ‘wise’
  • He denounces DT’s behavior/language toward the courts and individual judges
  • All three branches of the government are vital and are the ‘genius’ of our system
  • Not all criminals are the same and should not be treated as if they were
  • WH should not tell Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers (ICE) how to prioritize
  • The POTUS needs to do better at working with Congress

YouGov is a world-leading online market research company

Our mission is to supply a live stream of continuous and accurate data and insight into what people are thinking and doing all over the world, all of the time, so that companies, governments and institutions can better serve the people that sustain them.

It entails a bi-partisan panel of WHAT THEY WANT and their REVIEW of POTUS Trump and Congress and the Country.  There are four basic groups on the panel:

BELIEVERS (22%) –>  They are the ‘base of the base’ and feel DT can do no wrong

CONDITIONALS (22%) –> They’re with DT ‘now’ but expect him to deliver with his economic promises or lose their support; they don’t like his Tweets

CURIOUS (21%) –> They could go either way; if DT fixes the economy they may swing his way, they want POTUS to succeed but the POTUS has not reached out to them

RESISTERS (35%) –> Want the Dem. Party to fight DT on everything; lots of women and minorities in this group; they are angry, scared, and upset



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