Immigration should be “merit based” says Stephen Miller

The last few days . . . jammed with events.  Gen. Flynn ‘did’ talk to Russia about sanctions last December prior to DT taking power.  His fate is unknown  (so far).

Senior Advisor Stephen Miller on NBC’s Meet The Press (MTP) today, reading from a teleprompter.  DT approved his performance, thinks the teleprompter helped.  Stephen Miller says:

  • “All options are on the table,” re: the Travel Ban.
  • The Federal Court usurped the power of the POTUS wrongly.
  • San Bernardino is an example of what they’re concerned about.
  • New vetting procedures will be secret, to some degree.
  • American workers should have first crack at any available job in the US.
  • Lawful immigration into the US should be “merit based”.

Miller declined to answer if just being here illegally was enough to get you kicked out and he declined to comment re: Gen. Flynn’s fate.  Here are some links:

Bernie Sanders says:

  • Vetting is already strong (and working)
  • There’s no one who doesn’t want to keep America safe and see it prosper — who would disagree with that?  That goes without saying.
  • DT and team are using deliberate distractions to take the focus off their plans to dismantle or reduce medicaid and medicare
  • The Tea Party was funded by the Koch Bros.
  • The current ‘resistance movement’ is grass roots
  • Americans want an improved Affordable Care Act
  • The Dem. Party needs to be reformed

A panel says that N. Korea is paranoid and doesn’t like the USA.  Regarding Gen. Flynn, what is yet to be determined is how the Vice-POTUS will ultimately react, since he stuck his neck out for Flynn and believed Flynn’s denial about discussing sanctions with Russia.

Jim Webb, a centrist Democrat says:

  • The system needed a jolt
  • If Clinton won the amount of protest would be the same but over different issues
  • The Dem. Party lacks a message
  • The Dem. Party has moved too far ‘left’
  • There’s too much “identity politics” in the Dem. Party (a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics).
  • The Dem. Party failed to give a voice to the ‘little guy’
  • Not enough ‘self-reflection’ within the Dem. Party
  • Just having money doesn’t mean you are automatically pro-DT’s agenda
  • He did not support Clinton
  • The Dem. Party needs to embrace and win-over the working people

What the POTUS says and does can affect markets and businesses . . . it already has with his remarks re: Ivanka’s products

Some Dems. do not want to go so far L, but would like to be more toward the center; but the party has gone more L.

The Dem. Party has committed political suicide (a concept by which a politician or political party loses widespread support and confidence from the voting public by proposing actions that are seen as unfavorable or that might threaten the status quo).

People are feeling overwhelmed.  A populist was elected and usually a populist is elected b/c he/she doesn’t know much about government . . . and there is a learning curve.


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