(paraphrasing) “POTUS powers must be beyond question”

Fox News w/ Chris Wallace.

Wallace with Stephen Miller; Miller helped write the EO for the Ban.  Mr. Miller’s remarks:

  • POTUS desires to deter hostile actions from N. Korea and re-build the military to a point where no one will try to question/challenge America’s strength

  • The powers of the POTUS are beyond question

  • The 3-judge panel over-reached

  • The 9th has been overturned a lot

  • The judges violated their proper roles

  • An involved judge is getting death threats — does the POTUS feel responsible?  No.  Ludicrous.

  • Judge Gorsuch’s remarks were misrepresented

  • Sen. Blumenthal has a credibility problem

  • The US has a terrorism problem, “We’re letting people in who hate us.”

  • The rollout of the Ban was not botched.

  • Ultimately the powers of the POTUS will be affirmed

  • New and greater steps to remove criminal aliens were ordered by POTUS; the previous POTUS failed to target some that needed to be targeted

  • Asked if personal attacks are okay . . . Miller says that POTUS cares only about making his base of support satisfied

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin was interviewed and remarked:

  • Many disagree with Miller and think he is ‘dangerous’

  • ISIS can and will use the Ban as a recruitment tool; recruitment is ISIS’ best hope

  • Terror is not coming from refugees

  • A full-time independent committee is needed to investigate Russia’s involvement in our last election and connection to DT; why ‘did’ Russia do what it did?  Must get to the bottom of it and make sure never happens again

  • Dems are not trying to obstruct merely to obstruct but are using the time allowed them to question a candidate (as expected and required)

  • He is still doing a study on Judge Gorsuch (so no comment)

Panel discussion . . . some remarks:

  • The 9th got it wrong

  • The Ban rollout was poorly done and is a major distraction from other agenda items

  • Privately POTUS agrees the rollout was botched

  • The people are most focused on health care and jobs

  • The Executive Branch ‘should’ have the upper hand

  • The details re: Flynn keep changing, but if he lied, he should be gone

  • Nobody wants E. Warren to be the ‘face’ of the Dem. Party.  Did Mitch ‘elevate’ her with his behavior?  No answers from the panel on that.

  • Crazy people on the Left are being mean to DT and family

  • There’s a breakdown of civility that needs to stop

  • Blocking DeVos from entering a school went beyond protest and was criminal

  • The Left is just mad and bitter b/c they lost

  • There’s a lack of ‘substantive’ debate, on the issues



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