General Flynn resigns

The WH was warned (Jan. 19th) about Gen. Flynn and him being vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.  Acting AG Sally Yates convinced the FBI to tell POTUS.  Yates (with Clapper and Brennan) told POTUS prior to Yates being fired by him.  Russia knew Flynn lied to Vice-POTUS Pence and was in a compromised position, giving RU potential leverage.  The Washington Post put out the story.  It would be exceedingly remarkable to accept F’s remarks that he could not ‘remember’ for sure what he told RU.  This was a revision from an earlier statement that he did not talk sanctions with RU.  What did POTUS know and when did he know it?  Why is F still there?  Did DT tell F to call and what to say?  K. Conway says that F has the “full confidence of the President.”  Sean Spicer, an hour later, says F is being “evaluated.”  POTUS never says anything negative about RU — but does about many others.  How did F leave himself open to this (given his experience and background)?

Mnuchin confirmed as Treasury Secretary.  POTUS calls him a “financial legend.”

Puzder has four GOP Senators saying they may withhold confirmation support which, if they hold with this, will cost him the confirmation.  He’s been accused of domestic violence by a former wife, who later recanted.

Aides report lots of turmoil w/in WH.  Bannon and Chief of Staff RP are together a lot.

POTUS still thinks there was widespread voter fraud — 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes.  POTUS thinks New Hampshire had something to do with it and busloads of people getting together to deliberately break the law and vote illegally.  The Gov. of NH says there’s no voter fraud — says claims by POTUS remain unsubstantiated.  The Vice-POTUS is to investigate the matter but there’s nothing to investigate.  A report  the WH cites has been debunked by experts.

The WH is full of chaos.  DT has made no comment about Flynn so far.  The WH (Jared Kushner) is searching for a replacement for Flynn.  Flynn called the V-POTUS to apologize.  At a press conf. today the POTUS said he didn’t mention anything about Flynn because he “wasn’t asked.”

A letter from Congress went to POTUS requesting a full investigation into Flynn and Russia.  Flynn could survive this.  K. Conway is closer to the POTUS than Spicer.  DT acting very ‘casual’ about the buzz surrounding Flynn and the Russians.  It all makes the WH look bad.  Did Flynn take money from the Russians?  There are allegations that Flynn (and family) took money from RU.

A federal judge from Virginia ruled against the Ban, but the ruling affects only Virginia.  Add another judge to those ‘bucking’ DT’s EO.

POTUS may’ve mishandled ‘sensitive information’ while in FL at Mar-A-Lago last weekend.  He had a meeting, in a restaurant he owns, right out in the open air, with a mixed group of people (many of which had no security clearance to be anywhere near such a meeting).  The meeting had to do with N. Korea and N. Korea’s missile launch.  DT said he would not take vacations if elected but is calling his FL resort the “Winter White House.”  He’s been to Mar-A-Lago three weeks in a row.  Each time he goes it costs the taxpayers $3,000,000.  Anyone can belong to this club for $100,000.

POTUS uses an ‘old droid’ to Tweet but a secure phone for calls.

POTUS uses only/mostly temporary workers at his FL resort.  How deeply are they vetted?  Why are they all foreign?

Stephen Miller, age 31, senior policy advisor, said on national TV that the POWERS OF THE POTUS WILL NOT BE QUESTIONED.  Critics say he lacks respect and understanding of the USC and the only thing missing was a “Heil Trump” salute.  DT lavished praise on Miller for his remarks.

Every WH has turnover.  Spicer is seen as weak and POTUS may be targeting him for removal.  Critic:  He’s a puppet-master of his inner circle.

Critics wonder ‘how seriously’ does DT take his job?  He’s surrounded himself with Jr. Varsity players when he needs the Varsity.  There are only four women in his cabinet so far — the least amount of women since POTUS-Reagan.

Human eggs to be given ‘personhood’ status?

Since the election there have been protests almost daily and they likely to grow/increase/expand.

Latest breaking news:  FLYNN RESIGNS.



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