Day 25: What did POTUS know, and when?

Main thing:  What did POTUS-DT know, and when did he know it?  Sound familiar?  That was the ‘buzz’ surrounding Nixon and Watergate; Nixon eventually resigned (and was pardoned by POTUS-Ford).

Why did DT keep V-POTUS ‘in the dark’ for two weeks, letting him think that Gen. Flynn had ‘not’ discussed lifting sanctions with Russia (RU)?  Why is DT now saying the main problem is the ‘leaks’ and not what the leaks are about?  Why was Gen. Flynn not fired sooner?  DT denied knowing anything about Gen. Flynn (as pertains to this) two days ago, when he was briefed two weeks ago by three higher-ups in the Admin.  Gen. Flynn called the Russian Ambassador *five times* on Dec. 30 — same day POTUS-BO imposed sanctions.

There is confusion as to if F. resigned or was fired.  The WH has said both things happened.

It appears that the POTUS wanted to wait and see if it all ‘went away’ as pertains to F. and then, when it didn’t, he was forced to have him gone . . . at least officially . . . DT may still be seeking/getting counsel from F., we don’t know.  Many of the GOP in Congress do not want to look further into what Gen. F. did or did not do.  Why not?

Remember, the Russians did not reply/react when the sanctions were imposed and DT publicly praised Putin for this.

Spicer is saying that F. did nothing illegal.  Wha?  If that’s the case then why did he lie about what he said and why is he gone?

The public has a right to see the transcripts of the phone calls between F. and the Russians.  POTUS keeps saying things that do not fit with known facts.  DT was briefed 19 days ago on the Flynn situation by former AG Sally Yates and two others.

“Scandals gain velocity and mass over time.”

The WH has not been forthcoming.  What will F. do now?

The ‘leaks’ do not obviate the larger problem.  The GOP will support DT as long as he seems to be trying to accomplish things they want to happen.

The amount of leaks from the WH is unprecedented.  Leaks are, by definition, true.

“There’s a Russian knot, waiting to be untangled.”

The VP found out F. lied from the media reports on Feb. 9.  Flynn misled the VP and the VP is angry about it, but not with/at DT.  Flynn has cooperated with the FBI and so far no charges have been made.  The POTUS knew but did not tell the VP . . . why not?

Many are calling for a full, formal, open Congressional Investigation by non-biased team.

All new Admins. have tough going, but the chaos coming from this WH has never been seen before.

POTUS is not being given full intel briefings b/c some are concerned that he may be ‘compromised’ by the Russians.

Records show that POTUS and team had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence officials in the year prior to the election.  The Russian media defends Trump and Trump defends Russia.  Spicer says that no one has been tougher on RU than DT.  Wha?  The facts do not support this claim in the least — quite the contrary.

At this point the credibility of the WH is quite low.  Congressional Republicans are finding it more difficult to look the other way.



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