Day 26: ‘Alternative’ Press

The REAL NEWS took down Gen. Flynn.  Without investigative journalism he would still be there.

Many of DT’s aides (now and on the campaign trail) have ties to Russia.  Several years ago DT, Jr. boasted on TV how much money from Russia was “pouring in” (pouring into Trump business enterprises).  Many want to see the tax returns of DT so the public can see what his financial connections to RU are and so POTUS can put this matter to rest and get on with the task of governing the country.

Spicer says that Nikki Haley was speaking for POTUS when ‘she’ spoke against RU not long ago.

POTUS blames the MEDIA for F’s departure.  DT publicly stated that F. is a “wonderful man” and DT wishes he was “still there.”  So, why isn’t he still there?  DT says he was let go b/c of the ‘leaks.’  (Bogus claim)

The WH press room has started calling on an alternative press crew consisting of only Republican-minded reported who fully support DT.  DT continues to call ‘much of the media’ FAKE NEWS.  He’s publicly said that the American people should believe him and him only.  His Sr. Policy Advisor went on national TV and said, “The power of the POTUS is not to be questioned . . . soon the whole world will know this.”  What does THAT mean?  I shudder to think.

As I write this there’s a Russian sub off the E. Coast of the USA and Russia ‘buzzed’ one of our ships recently.  These things would ordinarily be challenged by the POTUS — so far, nada.

AG (Sessions) should recuse himself from any Investigation of Flynn, DT, or the WH b/c of his strong allegiance to DT.  The Congressional Republicans are not likely to try to take DT down and will keep looking the ‘other way’ for as long as they can.


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