Day 28: “Nothing to see here . . .”


Donald Trump, POTUS, conducted a one hour and fifteen minute impromptu press conference on Feb. 16 that many are calling “Day of the Rant” and citing it as just one more item in a long chain of evidence demonstrating that DT is ‘unhinged.’  DT may be upset with Spicer and decided to just “do it” himself.  Some of the things he mentioned include:

  • his opinion that he inherited the biggest mess ever, at home and abroad
  • how many E. College votes he got (one more time)
  • he’s done more than any POTUS, ever
  • he thinks the media is “out of control” and just upset “they lost”
  • the NY Times is a “joke” and CNN is “full of hatred;” Fox & Friends are “honest”

The media says that DT wants to discredit them in case of really bad news (which he can brand as ‘fake’ when it’s not).  DT wants to undermine anything that would ‘check’ his power, esp. the media.  He always passes the buck, never accepts responsibility.  He whips himself up and likes to fight with the press (or whomever).  DT cries ‘foul’ and his base mostly agrees (so far).  DT doesn’t like the “tone” of the talk about him.  He did like this media question: “When will the White House receive visitors again?”  He held that up as an example of a good and appropriate question.

DT says he has no ties with Russia but when pressed a third time he modified his message to say, “Not that I know of.”  He says, “Russia is a ruse.  I have nothing to do with Russia.”  DT says that he did not direct Gen. Flynn to discuss the lifting of sanctions on Russia but sees nothing wrong with it.  But then he says he ‘fired’ Flynn b/c of what Flynn said (or didn’t say) to the VP, “plain and simple.”

On 10/7/16 the Intel. Community advised POTUS that Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 POTUS election (and tilt it toward Trump).

DT says ‘false reports’ make it harder to deal with Putin, that the media has ruined his chance for a good relationship with Putin.

DT says there’s been “incredible progress” during his first month in office and as proof recited all the EOs he’s signed so far.  Critics ask, “Where are the big things?  He has not put ‘any’ legislation before Congress.”

DT lied or misrepresented the size of his E. College win.  He’s done this many times.  When confronted he says, “Oh, well that’s what I was told.”

Why does DT keep making false statements that are so easy to identify as false?

“He has a systemic problem with the truth.”

DT says his WH is like a “well-oiled machine.”

DT advocate:  “DT is increasing awareness and people’s civic involvement; he’s there to get rid of inertia and he’s doing it . . . he is showing himself as he really is — a ‘real guy’ and not a professional politician.

DT says that he’s not a “bad person.”  (Nixon, “I am not a crook!”)

Pundit:  DT feels cooped up in the WH.  He wants to ‘campaign’ and has a rally set for Saturday.  He likes to be in the middle of ‘action.’

The post (National Security Advisor) vacated by Flynn was offered to Admiral Robert Harwood but he declined, partially b/c of how much chaos is in the WH.  DT may have trouble attracting ‘top talent.’  Harwood also said it didn’t seem like there was a clear chain of command and he didn’t want to deal with potential problems related to that.  He also didn’t like the ‘power struggles’ within the WH.  ‘Can’ a Nat. Sec. Adv. do his job in the current WH?  There have been zero Nat. Sec. Council meetings so far.

DT doesn’t ‘engage’ the media, he ‘berates’ them (and lots of others).

One critic:  The press debacle shows a disturbing roadmap of DT’s mind.  He could solve a lot of his own problems just by doing his job competently.  He is the biggest impediment to his own progress.

Now DT is “on record” re: his comments about Gen. F and Russia.  DT seems to be living in an alt. realitykeeps giving out fake facts and calling real facts fake.

DT keeps changing his story about RU.

DT says the “leaks are real, but the story on the leak is fake.”  How?  DT is a master of changing the focus.  He tries to intimidate as best he can.

Critic:  DT is at war with the truth.

The ave. American doesn’t care that much about the media.  So who does it serve?

The main purpose of DT’s press conf.– to lash out at the media.

DT lied about arranging a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus — said the Caucus won’t cooperate with scheduling.

The #2 Republican said the FBI should investigate DT’s alleged ties to Russia, etc.

DT takes everything “personal.”  He needs to convey things that he’s not — like leadership qualities.  He does an awful lot of whining, complaining, and self-pitying.

Some of his base from a bar in Yuma, AZ say that the news IS “fake” and has been “for years.”  Others there are saying DT’s logic doesn’t quite make sense.  Most are still proud they voted for DT.  Most are ready for him to stop talking about his election numbers.

DT says that what Gen. F did wasn’t wrong.  DT says, “Donald Trump knows when you’re telling the truth.  Donald Trump gets good ratings.”  Some say that, “. . . fighting with the media animates his base.”

DT has not articulated how he plans to deal with major issues: like Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia, jobs, infrastructure, and health care.  He’s distracting himself from doing the hard work required of a POTUS.  “How” is he going to accomplish his goals?  He hasn’t said.  “How” is he restoring “greatness” to America?  Examples?

Putin is likely pleased with DT so far.  Putin desires to weaken democracy throughout the world.  Putin wants RU to be the ‘other great power.’  The lower WH positions, the ones that do a brunt of the work, are not in place so the government can function fully and properly.  DT has not named/nominated anyone for the vast majority of empty seats in the WH Admin.  All of these people will need to be vetted and examined by the Congress prior to approval (or disapproval).

People feel the economy is a mess b/c of the last 30 years.  But it was far better at the end of Obama’s 2nd term (January 2017) than when he took office in 2009.

Next week DT plans to write another EO  — another travel Ban — but tailoring it based on the 9th Circuit Court decision.  The DoJ has decided not to appeal the ruling of the 9th.  It will remain “on the books.”

Quotes from two DT biographers:

  • the press conf. was classic DT — all attitude
  • media bashing plays well with his base
  • DT is untethered from reality
  • DT creates the universe he wants his version of facts to live in
  • chaos is his set-point, he’s been there his whole life and he gets calm in chaos
  • He failed with a casino biz. venture, his only big business venture, taking capitol from it for personal gain; if he failed at that how can he succeed as POTUS?
  • DT doesn’t seem to enlist the aid of seasoned experts

Gen. Flynn lied to the FBI and could be criminally charged.  DT says the real problem is the leaking of classified info. (not what Flynn did)

Is there a ‘mole’ in the WH?  What ‘is’ DT’s policy toward Russia?   He hasn’t said.

Critic:  Either DT has been compromised by Russia or he’s in bed with their political goals and ambitions.  Either way it’s “horrible.”  

Serious and reasonable people are saying the POTUS is “unhinged.”  At the press conf. his own team was giving him the ‘wrap it up’ signal.  DT is trying to control the conversation and re-set the narrative and talking points about him.

What the media talks about is hardly ever what DT wants/likes.

DT continues to address ONLY HIS BASE.  When he speaks/tweets he’s not talking to the entire country — just his base.  There’s never been a POTUS like this.  His lying is pernicious and chronic.  He says what any dictator would say, “If I say it’s true, it’s true.  Don’t believe it unless you hear it from me.”  Nixon said, “When the POTUS commits a crime, it’s not a crime.”

The POTUS is not a reliable person to report to so the Intelligence Agencies are leaking info directly to the PEOPLE.  The MEDIA “outed” a rogue (Gen. F) which IS in keeping with the checks and balances of the USC.  The response of DT is to have a ‘melt-down’ and cry ‘fake news.’  Firing Flynn proves the news was true.

The CONSTITUTION is the genius of our system and it still works.  “Days of judgment” are coming for DT.

What is RU thinking?  What RU is doing (buzzing our ship and having a sub off our coast) is for the benefit of the Russian people (mostly).

The size of the circle around DT is shrinking when it should be expanding.  What we have here, says one pundit, is an “enormous crisis of competence, which is dangerous.”  We’re either headed for a NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS or a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.  

DT nominates Alexander Acosta for Labor Secretary.



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