Day 29: ‘Daily cup of drama’

Many in his base think DT’s recent Press ‘rant’ was righteous.  Others say the opposite.  Not much middle ground when it comes to DT — you either love him or . . . not.

The media is saying that they should *all stick together* and not accept what POTUS-DT is trying to do.  He continues to pit ‘his’ credibility against mainstream media.

DT continues to say that only *he* knows what’s going on . . . not the public.  THIS can be a ruse used by some (authoritarian) leaders.

The main thing DT ‘obviously’ likes –> being out of D.C. and before adoring audiences.

“Mitch” M. says he likes what DT is doing but not the “extra conversation.”

Anti-EPA Pruitt confirmed as ‘head’ of the EPA.  The fox has been put in charge of the hen house.

DT offends many black Americans by asking black reporter April Ryan to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.  He seems clueless as to why his remarks might be inappropriate and off-putting.

DT speaks to a minority of the American people.  He’s not bringing in anyone new.  Since so many people did not vote, and Clinton won the popular vote, his actually base is perhaps 25% of the American people.

The National Security Adviser (NSA) is one of the most important jobs, esp. if there’s a national crisis.

Critic:  DT cares most about ‘performing’ as POTUS but not about doing the actual ‘work’ of POTUS.

Some in Congress say they want to avoid being “Tweeted at” by DT.

Why doesn’t the USA have a high-speed rail system (300 mph) like many other countries do?

The FBI Director briefed Hill Senators today on Russia while they were on their way home for a break.  They all willingly stayed and would not comment after the meeting re: what the meeting was about (details).  Some kind of Investigation is going to happen — hopefully an independent, bi-partisan one.

This is the third consecutive weekend the POTUS has traveled to Mar-A-Lago for a working weekend and rally.  He wants to talk directly to his base.

The POTUS says the media is the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  This is very alarming.  What about the First Amendment?  He continues to paint himself as the SAVIOR of America — the only one — never seen before levels of self-aggrandizement.

Last fall POTUS-O ordered an Investigation into Russia’s meddling in our election.  Some of those results are in.

DT diverts attn. away from whatever he doesn’t want you to look at.

Critic:  It’s self-evident that DT is incompetent.

Nixon, in private, called the media the enemy of the people . . . no POTUS has said it publicly, until now.  DT is very divisive and desires to divide, and conquer, the media.  DT only likes media reporters that don’t criticize him and ask easy questions . . . only *that* news is not fake.  How can anyone *not* call this out for what it is — absurdity.

Antisemitism is on the rise and this is being attributed to the rise of DT.  There’s been a documented surge since the election.  POTUS-DT does not speak out against it.

There is no *moral* leadership from DT.  Will DT stand up as forcefully to anti-Jewish crimes and sentiment as he does to what he calls ‘fake’ news?

The GOP operates while DT keeps the focus on him.  They like that the focus is not on them (so much).  Many issues are not getting media attn. b/c of the constant ‘bait’ DT puts before the media, which the media typically takes.

Random pro-DT bloggers are getting official WH press credentials and showing up at the WH.  J. Kushner called in the head of CNN . . . calling the CEO on the ‘carpet’ and trying to shape their coverage.  What about the FIRST AMENDMENT?

An active press is necessary for a democracy to survive . . . part of the essential difference between our system and that of a dictatorship.  DT has contempt for the media . . . this is rather unprecedented.  

The D. Party tried to block the EPA nominee (Pruitt) and so did many currently working for the EPA.  He’s been ordered by a court to turn over some documents that could change things for him to the negative . . . some stuff he’s been trying to hide.

Many at home are upset over how hard it is to get their Congressional leaders to meet with them and answer questions.  They are asking, “Don’t they work for us?”

Why ‘campaign‘ when DT won the election and there’s much work waiting for him to complete?  DT has no history of public service.

Critic:  1812 was the last time we’ve had a threat to national security like this (b/c of DT).

DT is upset over lack of adulation — he craves it like a fix.  There’s no evidence he knows what governing is or how to do it.  He needs an audience, cheering him — *that* is his main goal.  At the Press Rant DT explicitly said that he is only speaking to his base of voters, 62 million voted for him (about 25% of American adults).  His base doesn’t seem to care what he does or doesn’t do.  He base joins with him in finding various scapegoats to deflect any blame from DT.

DT’s POV, “You are either with me or against me.”

DT needs to have his ego stroked continually while this country is in an un-fit state of readiness should a crisis befall us.  

General Petraeus was the 2nd person to be offered the post vacated by Gen. Flynn but P. turned it down for similar reasons, miffing the WH.

Expert: The NSA should not be former military, b/c his job is to “broker” among many different entities, in a skillful way.  It a vitally important position.

DT makes flippant remarks about shooting a Russian ship “out of the water.”  DT ‘wants’ to be the smartest guy in the room, but he’s not.     Deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland is expected to leave her role following the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn, The New York Times reported Tuesday morning.  Some are hoping that ‘she’ is not asked to take over for Gen. F.

DT continues to blame H. Clinton over and over (for whatever) . . . still.

Critic:  DT needs a daily cup of drama . . . he thrives on theatrics . . . the losers are the American people . . . he’d rather fight the media than govern . . . he paints himself the perpetual VICTIM . . . an ENTERTAINER, who’s been made leader of the free world.



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