Day 30: Make America SAFE again!

At least 25% of Americans seem to have a low regard for the media, Congress, The Constitution . . . what else?   This is very troubling.  Do many in this country want to replace our form of government for another?  Do many in this country want DT to be “King Trump” or “Dictator Trump”?  It’s seeming that way — which is ineffably troubling.

DT’s rating in the polls right now is 21 points lower than any POTUS ever (at this point in his first term).

DT likes to ‘put on a show’ . . . mainly for his fans.  He’s a ‘showman’ and he relishes the spotlight.

The VP and Gen. Mattis are in Germany for the Munich Security Conference.  This is the VP’s first big outing.  The VP says that he and DT are on the ‘same page’ re: NATO and they want every member of NATO to honor their commitments.  The European (EU) allies want to know what DT ‘means’ for/to them — namely his ‘America First‘ rhetoric.  EU allies are concerned about DT’s relationship with RU.  The VP says RU needs to keep its commitments.  DT is ‘wobbly’ about some things which makes EU leaders nervous. Putin’s goal: to disrupt the Western Alliance.  Is DT after the same thing?

EU feels that VP and POTUS-DT are not sending a unified message and are confused.  This, in an of itself, is cause for alarm!  An MSNBC reporter, on the air, “They think POTUS Trump is insane and don’t know what to do about it.”

There’s some controversy over the Sec’y of Labor nominee, Alexander Acosta.  The WH has no comment, so far:

Tomorrow DT is to meet with four candidates for NSA:

  1. Lt. Gen. HR McMaster (Army)
  2. John Bolton (former UN Ambassador)
  3. Keith Kellogg (Acting NSA)
  4. Lt. Col. Robert Caslan (West Point)

Paraphrasing former CIA agent Moran:

The CIA is concerned that DT’s ability to seriously and correctly use Intel reports, etc. may be compromised — that he can’t or won’t do it.  He is not giving these reports the respect, gravity and attention they deserve.  He may be disregarding some very important and sensitive Intelligence (that takes a LONG TIME to compile in many instances).  The CIA tends to ‘lean right’ (politically) but is really a non-partisan operation that is mainly concerned with helping the POTUS to keep America safe.  So to accuse the CIA of being ‘liberal’ and/or out to ‘get’ him is absurd.   Many in the Intelligence Community (Intel. Comm.) are doubting DT’s ability to carry out his required duties competently and are rattled.  DT is considering having a billionaire friend of his do an investigation into the Intel. Comm. (another slap in the face).  The CIA is ‘not’ a “politically charged place.”  The CIA is serious about collecting accurate Intel and sharing it with American leadership — to help keep America safe — that’s it.



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