The “Fourth Estate”

The “Fourth Estate” most commonly refers to the news media, especially print journalism or “the press.” The term makes implicit reference to the earlier division of the three Estates of the realm.  The media is supposed to be a ‘watchdog’ of/on government (and help keep them honest).  Who would not want that?

The news media is to act as a check and balance on the powers of the government.  Wherever a free news media is outlawed, or declared the ‘enemy of the people,’ a dictator is trying to gain or maintain power.  Draw your own conclusions.

DT spoke at a rally in FL today, telling his Air Force One pilot that, “Life, is campaigning.”  At the rally he misrepresented the thoughts and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abe Lincoln (regarding them as hating the media like he does).  Those at his rally did not mind (if they knew).  They like whatever he says or does.

HOW is the media unfair?  WHAT has the media lied about?

One rally speech is pretty much like another.  DT says he wants NATO members to “pay their fair share.”  Mixed signals continue from the WH.  As is almost always the case, DT lacks specificity.  He missed an opportunity today to echo what the VP said in Germany; instead he sends different messages, confusing leaders everywhere.

Does DT think you can ‘govern’ via EOs?  That won’t work.

FDR used the “Fireside Chats” to reach the People directly, but FDR tried to create calm.  DT does the opposite.  Pundit Jeffrey Lord whitewashes everything DT says or does, calling turds, trophies.

DT spotted a masculine fan at the rally he liked . . . called him to the stage and gave him the mic . . . this guy later ended up on national news saying the following: (I’m paraphrasing)

  • DT fights for us

  • DT speaks the truth from his heart

  • DT taught him everything (I wasn’t involved in politics before DT)

  • DT is doing fantastic!

  • He has a life-size cardboard cutout of DT that he “salutes every morning” and prays in front of

How this is possible is beyond me.  How anyone cannot see right through the charade . . . right through the carnival act, is beyond me.

DT still acts like he’s trying to ‘win’ the job of POTUS.

Critic:  Trump should change his rally song from, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ to ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’

DT wants the media to be “State TV” . . . where the media does nothing but talk and sound like the guy who kneels and prays before the cardboard Donald Trump.

To attack the Press/Media “as an Institution” has never been done before by a POTUS.  But in the mind of DT he’s doing what the ‘other great PsOTUS’ have done and following in their great footsteps.  He’s either ignorant of the true facts or willfully lying.  His examples are more examples of distortion, misinformation, and lies.

DYSFUNCTION always starts from the TOP, down.  Republican insiders are talking about it. WH team members are not coordinating and communicating the SAME messages (sometimes).

DT says there’s a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN he wants to get passed.  The D. Party said they would cooperate with DT on something like this.  MOST people want something like this.  DT ‘sort of’ asked the Dems to cooperate with the GOP on this (in his own unique, off-putting way).

WHO speaks for DT’s foreign policy?  Is it a ‘consistent’ message?  The VP and POTUS are not saying the same thing to our allies.  RU news is urging RU to dump Trump and end the ‘love affair’ with him.

Anti-Jewish vandalism and bomb threats are on the rise in the USA.



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