Clinton didn’t think the media was on ‘her’ side . . .

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  Wallace had on CoS-RP . . . paraphrasing CoS-RP:

  • What WH doesn’t like is ‘dishonest‘ news
  • Denies any collusion between WH and/or DT and Russia re: 2016 campaign or election
  • Hates the 24/7 reporting about DT and Russia allegations
  • –> RP tries to reply to some questions by reciting accomplishments to-date
  • Only 10% of media reporting on DT is positive
  • Mainstream media is acting like gossip magazines
  • Gen. Flynn didn’t do anything wrong or illegal, including talking to the Russians about lifting sanctions, etc.
  • –> RP confronts Wallace for “going bananas”(re: how RP is replying to some of the questions)
  • He says the media is wrong in their reports about Bannon and his involvement in Nat. Security
  • The new NSA director can staff his own team and control the make-up of the Council

Panel discussion member:  There’s not a collaborative process in place in the WH.  Much of the bureaucracy is *not* with DT.  POTUS-DT promised to be a disrupter.  DT relishes combat and battling the media . . . when he battles the media it makes his base feel happy (and DT likes that).

GOP members are arguing over tax reforms.

DT’s agenda is on taking things away.  People want to see concrete legislation.

Panel discussion member: The “Enemy of the people” (comment/Tweet by DT) was ‘over the top’ and un-necessary.  Fake news is not the problem, the problem is the WH lacks a narrative.  DT needs to keep saying that he’s focused on improving the standard of living for Americans (instead of how he mostly uses his air time).  DT misses a lot of opportunities b/c of his chronic whining.

Clinton didn’t think the media was on ‘her’ side.


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