re: the “Trump Tweets”

Critic:  POTUS-DT is used to functioning as a dictator within his business empire (prior to being elected).  Critics say that he wants things to be ‘business as usual’ now that he’s POTUS and have people ‘still’ treat him like that.

Linguistics expert George Lakoff says that all “Trump Tweets” have this in common:

  1. They frame his idea

  2. They divert from real issues

  3. They attack and deflect

  4. They test public reaction

Lakoff says that these are “strategic moves,” that everything DT does is “strategic.  He’s a salesman.  He is constantly selling himself, as a brand.  He knows how to use others toward that end . . . he’s very smart and very good at covering his tracks.”

Former Senator Bob Kerrey, foreign policy expert, says that the Western Alliance is absolutely vital and to embrace Putin is to embrace what the USA doesn’t stand for.  RU opposes the Western Alliance.

Prior to 1925 was America’s greatest growth period.

Roger Stone denies the validity and accuracy of the NY Times article re: him and Russia. Panel guests after him call Stone a “clown.”

One panel guest:  Prior to the election Gen. F was talking to RU.  What are the details?

The main ‘consistent‘ thing about DT — he’s tried to reverse 75 years of US Policy toward RU.  Why?  What’s going on?

At the rally yesterday DT mis-spoke (?) about something bad happening in Sweden. Sweden has asked the WH for an explanation.  Nothing has happened in Sweden.  DT tweeted that he was referring to something he saw on Fox News.

Critic:  Why does the GOP allow DT to blatantly lie, day after day?  Why does everyone giggle at a press conference when DT hurls verbal epithets at the media — his enemy?

Should Sunday political shows ban anyone from the WH known to have a ‘credibility problem’?  One guest: Why not interview them on tape and then edit that tape and fact-check what they say and air that (with the fact checks visible)?  Another guest: Maybe b/c they wouldn’t appear unless it was live.

The media is supposed to be the voice of the people . . . the voice of everyman . . . the representative of the American people . . . reporting on facts and information that most American citizens would like to be informed about.


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