The least asked words: And then what?

There was a meeting on 2/1/17 in Cambridge, MA re: Russian Cyber Operations (RCO) with a panel: Fiona Hill, Ben Buchanan, and David Sanger.  Sanger wrote on the “Perfect Weapon” article:

Sanger says other countries don’t want to attack the US ‘frontally’ so will use ‘cyber attack’ as a lower-level attack that can still have a desired result.  During the Fall of 2015 the DNC was hacked by RU.  The DNC system was poorly defended.  In June 2016 POTUS-O heard about it — a very slow response by the USA.  RU then got into J. Podesta’s emails.  RU got ‘everything’ and had it just prior to the Dem. Nat. Convention (and released it then).  Wikileaks got the material eventually.  The FBI responded very slowly.  POTUS-O didn’t want to risk being accused of helping Clinton so he said nothing about it — he was wrong.

RU has a long history of trying to influence foreign elections (and their own) since 1945.  Putin continues to think like KGB, is proud of his KGB past, and doesn’t mind ‘playing dirty.’  He and team are strategists (wily and crafty).  They have broad, clear goals.  PUTIN had a “MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN” slogan prior to DT.  Putin has said that he’ll use whatever means are necessary for him to get what he wants.  He targets individuals, like Clinton, directly.  He sometimes tries to undermine individuals, not just countries.  This is SOP out of the Russian Playbook.  Now RU has been emboldened by their ‘win’ with the Nov. election.

There were three cyber attacks during the O Admin.  Putin thinks Clinton ‘interfered’ in Russia’s 2012/14 elections by publicly saying they were ‘rigged.’  Putin sees this merely as ‘payback‘ for what Clinton did to him.  RU could have a ‘mole’ within the WH.  DT stopped saying it was maybe a “fat guy” (that did the hacking) after being briefed by Intel. officials.

This type of attack is here to stay.  PUTIN is up for re-election in RU.  There’s some competition w/in the RU intel community to outdo each other in cyber warfare.  RU did affect our Nov. election but it’s hard to say precisely ‘how.’  100 years ago was the Russian revolt — they’ve been at this a long time.  RU likes the attention they are getting and are happy they have created some chaos, conflict and tension here in the USA.  This is aka ‘destabilization’.  This has all been a good recruitment tool for RU and a signal that they are “back in business.”

In DT’s base of support they have one of these views:

  1. Russia did *not* affect the election

  2. Russia did try to affect the election but did not succeed

  3. Russia succeed in helping DT get elected and that’s a good thing!

POTUS-O tried to set up some Investigations that would live on after him.  What happened to Clinton could happen to anyone.  We need a national debate re: cyber-warfare and Congress needs to deal with it effectively.  Rep. Senator John McCain plans to focus on cyber-security oversight.

RU is trying to affect other elections in Europe (EU).  It’s much easier to do in EU.  The USA also does some cyber-war on other countries (and even our own citizens).  Existing treaties need to be modified to include appropriate language re: cyber-warfare.

The three words least asked in Washington, D.C.  “And then what?”

No one should expect privacy anymore.

In 2007 Russia declared war.  (I’m not sure what that means, exactly)  Cyber-war is just another tool of war now.  RU caused two blackouts in the Ukraine from cyber attacks.  In cyber-war the OFFENSE has an advantage but it’s easy for nations to misconstrue what might be going on sometimes because sometimes it hard to tell Offense from Defense (cyber-wise).



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