“. . . worth fighting and dying for.”

Chief of Staff R. Priebus (COS-RP) was also on FACE the NATION today with John Dickerson.  Paraphrasing (what COS-RP said):

  • Many ‘bogus’ stories abound, which are ‘garbage’
  • The media has lowered its standards — should not use unnamed sources
  • Why is the media not focusing on what DT has done?  (His accomplishments!)
  • Note: COS-RP is not answering some direct questions from the host (but answers questions with a question)
  • What COS-RP hears on the Hill echoes his views and sentiments
  • COS-RP doesn’t like the lack of specificity in media questions — too vague
  • The media is pursuing too many “hollow stories,” and engaging in too much speculation
  • DT didn’t say what he thought about F talking with RU re: sanctions, but COS-RP says if F did, there’s nothing wrong with that

VP Pence told Munich that US support for NATO was “unwavering.”

Paraphrasing Sen. L. Graham:

  • RU has been more aggressive since the election
  • He thinks our allies were comforted by words from the VP and Mattis today
  • America First is ‘asking our partners to do more’
  • Now is the time to punish RU
  • Congress wants to impose sanctions on RU for meddling in our election and hopes DT will be fully onboard with this
  • Mattis, Tillerson and Kelly have been terrific
  • The Congress is “stumbling”
  • “A free press and independent judicial system are worth fighting and dying for.”
  • The media ‘does’ seem to be biased (against DT)
  • Concern–> POTUS-DT never seems to agree that RU messed with our election in 2016 and should be punished — Graham wants a forceful response from DT, says “If we don’t hit Russia hard, we’ll empower them.”


Republican lawmakers are increasingly taking on a new role in the Trump era: The president’s foreign policy clean up crew.

One month into the Trump administration, GOP lawmakers have repeatedly had to go into damage control mode as President Trump publicly flirted with Russia and raised alarm with leaked comments in controversial calls with key allies.

Republicans have at times distanced themselves from the president’s comments while scrambling to publicly reassure key allies and trying to temper Trump’s warmer tone toward Moscow.



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