Day 32: Enter Lt. General McMaster

The NY Times reports that DT’s camp had “repeated contacts” with “Russian Intelligence” (during the campaign).

Last Friday, FBI Director James Comey briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Says  one witness, as the Senators left the room, “They came out looking white as ghosts.”  There was a demand to “freeze” all documents pertaining to RU and pending allegations.  On Sunday, Sen. Graham said that 2017 was going to be a year of kicking Russia’s behind in Congress.

Re: RU and the 2016 US elections: Putin wanted to bring the USA down.  Thinking Clinton would win they wanted her Admin. to start in a cloud of controversy and be unable to accomplish anything; and, if DT won, good!  

The RU ‘dossier’ on DT doesn’t reveal much we didn’t already know.  RU wants to control DT.

There’s talk of a new EO, which is expected to target the same seven countries.  DT mentioned Sweden to try to boost his support for the new EO he plans to reveal later this week.

NATO is a good thing — no downside.  Why would we disrespect and create distance there?  It’s self-defeating.  NATO alliances are critical for the US.

The UK is quite divided over DT, much like here.  DT is back at the WH (from FL).

Comparisons between DT and R. Nixon:

  • the DNC was attacked
  • clear some kind of cover-up going on
  • Nixon called (in private) the press the “enemy of the people”
  • Nixon had surveillance setup on 12 reporters he didn’t like (not sure about DT on this)

But, Nixon was prepared to be the POTUS . . . not DT; however, they both desire(d) to have “ear ticklers” closest to them.

Sign:  The new normal is insane.

D. Party pundit says (paraphrasing) about the ‘new’ D. Party:

  • The ‘new’ D. Party (under age 35) doesn’t like institutions
  • Are committed activists
  • Don’t like DT
  • Support the equality of women
  • Very active and engaged but don’t like running for office
  • However, lots of women running for office in 2018

Re: our first POTUS . . . G. WASHINGTON:

  • He knew it was about the ‘office’ of POTUS, not the person
  • Office BEFORE person
  • He is still ranked #1 or #2 in list of ‘Greatest’
  • He refused POTUS a 3rd time; some say refused to be appointed ‘King’

Lt. General McMaster appointed to replace Lt. Gen. Flynn.  Universal approval with this pick.  He is a PhD and known to be plain-spoken and a scholar and successful author re: how the “Joint Chiefs” failed in Viet Nam and didn’t listen to the military leadership.  Lt. Gen. Hertling says that McMaster will lead well and work well with Mattis.  This helps the Admin. move beyond the Flynn debacle.  His job will be to coordinate and collate info for the POTUS.  To do his job well he will need the ‘ear’ of the POTUS.  “Politics” (Bannon) needs to be left outside the “Situation Room.”

DT has *not* been relying on the latest accurate data prior to giving a speech . . . getting his info from Fox News (and others).

Pence and Mattis are saying ‘different’ things than what DT has been saying so EU leaders are confused.  It’s vital this Admin. speak with ‘one voice.’  What worked for DT in the private sector will not work for him as POTUS.  What DT is doing is essentially a ‘counter revolt’; DT is staging a ‘counter revolt’ in the name of his base.  The country cannot endure much more chaos, tension and upheaval.  One critic: He doesn’t understand the institutions he’s challenged.

Reporter Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) says (paraphrasing):

  • DT is an enemy of truth . . . seems to have a disdain for it
  • The “Enemy of the people” line has been used by the worst despots of history
  • In some cases DT doesn’t seem to know what truth is
  • His actions have declared his regime to be *anti-Democratic*
  • At the end, almost no one supported Nixon
  • People in his party are concerned about his emotional stability; lies; and fitness to be POTUS

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment provides for an option for the VP and 2/3 of the House and Senate to relieve the POTUS and have the VP become “Acting POTUS.”  This would be completely a political process, one that could not be challenged by the Supreme Court.  It would be ‘quicker’ than an impeachment process, but more stringent.  Google searches on the 25th Amendment are way up, surpassing 2nd Amendment searches for the first time ever.


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