“Not my President” Day?

Today is ‘President’s Day‘ . . . but many in the country today are protesting the current POTUS with signs that say, “Not My President.”  Protests are happening in at least 25 cities today.


POTUS-DT is still in Florida.  DT defends his recent rally remarks re: Sweden.  Sweden says nothing happened . . . WH says that DT was speaking in “broad terms.”  Sweden says they do not have an immigration problem or a terror problem.

There’s a bi-partisan investigation (“I”) related to Russia as the Senate Intelligence Committee looks at how RU interfered in our 2016 election.  Some are calling for an ‘outside’ “I”.

The Kremlin, in preparation for a visit with POTUS-DT, has developed a profile of what they consider DT’s mental strengths and weaknesses.  RU thinks:

  • DT is naive — and doesn’t understand who Putin “is” (a tough guy)

  • DT picks risky fights and is dancing on thin ice

  • DT relies on his personal intuition more than his advisors


RU is ‘nervous’ about DT.  Putin is preparing for ‘tough’ talks.

Evan McMullin, former CIA (and Republican), says (paraphrasing):

  • A Senate Intelligence Committee “I” is not sufficient
  • The GOP hasn’t and won’t hold DT “accountable”
  • The GOP does the bare minimum
  • A special ‘select committee’ is needed for the “I,” or a special council appointed by the DoJ — “just the normal won’t do”
  • We are facing grave national security concerns
  • GOP knew of DT’s suspected ties with RU prior to the election and went with him anyway — not putting America first
  • He’s calling on GOP leaders to do what’s best for America, not just the GOP

In NATO, only 4 of 28 are spending the agreed 2% for the common Defense budget.  EU is confused over ‘who’ to listen to — DT or the VP.  Gen. Mattis told Iraq that we were *not* there to take their oil (unlike what POTUS-DT said at the CIA on 1/21/17 . . . DT has been saying similar things since 2011).

Critic:  DT sounds like a walking war crime.  His comments are reckless and uninformed. Instead of a bi-partisan economic stimulus program to help unite the country DT’s behavior has been mostly divisive.  

A “Priorities USA” study has been published.  Americans want a raise; health care and education; and have national security concerns w/ this POTUS.  http://www.politico.com/tipsheets/morning-score/2017/02/priorities-usa-study-strategizes-winning-back-obama-trump-voters-218728

  • A ‘real’ infrastructure bill is needed –> building/repairing roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • Expand medicaid and medicare
  • Raise the min. wage

The D. Party concedes that they ‘failed’ rural America.  Mutual concerns among ‘swing’ voters and ‘turnout’ voters:

  • DT’s temperament could lead to war

  • DT’s GOP tax agenda favors the rich

  • DT will try to cut medicaid and medicare

The D. Party has taken the African-American voter ‘for granted’ and this is not helpful.

1,859,252 (so far) in the UK have signed a petition AGAINST Donald Trump coming to the UK.  They don’t want him sitting down with their Queen and don’t want him addressing Parliament. They believe DT is certain to offend the Queen.



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