Day 33: A “duty to warn” . . .

POTUS-DT went to the African-American History Museum in Washington on 2/21/17 and when asked, spoke out with strong words against racism and said he denounces it whenever he “gets a chance.” A film-clip review of his first month in office does not support this claim.  He’s done the bare minimum in the face of rising attacks and threats of attacks on the Jewish communities in the USA.  Some say he’s trying to avoid offending the anti-Semites within his own WH.  Anti-Semitism seems to be on the rise and moving more toward the ‘mainstream.’  The Anne Frank Center denounced his visit and remarks as ‘too little, too late.’  Since January 2017 there’s been at least 70 hate crimes against Jews in 27 states.  This obviously coincides with the onset of the DT Admin.  Many want a full DoJ investigation into these crimes and the full force of the federal government brought to bear . . . more training for officers . . . and hate crime laws in ALL 50 states.

Some are saying that the USA no longer has/is/represents the “moral high ground.”  In RU people believe that NO ONE has the moral high ground — the world is rotten to the core (which is a basic tenet of facism).  They want to ‘expose’ the ‘true core’ (of people) and look for ‘only’ winners and losers.  This is pretty much what DT said to Fox News pundit Bill O. during a recent controversial interview when he said, “You think we’re so innocent?”

DT thinks in terms of ‘winners and losers.’  You can’t argue ‘politics’ with such a view. Will the US continue to do the “right thing” in the world?  Critics say that DT’s ability to understand things at deep, analytical levels is weak and shallow.

“Delaying” his replies/words/Tweets (when it would be wise to do so) has not been something DT does.  He ‘shoots from the hip’ (proudly), but why not have a goal of saying the right thing at the right time in the right way?  He’s repeatedly failed to do that.

The Alt-Right is *not* part of the Conservative movement (says one pundit and panel member).

RUSSIA is now saying that DT’s 2016 Campaign team had contact with RU.

DT seems to think of minority groups in terms of stereotypes.

Someone put a large sign on the Statue of Liberty, “Refugees Welcome.”

ICE has new guidelines which could affect 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants.

Anyone here illegally could be deported at any time.  The “Dreamers” are to be unaffected.

The DHS sent out guidelines to be used under existing laws, making it harder for asylum seekers to remain in the US.  ‘Who’ is deportable has been expanded with ICE agents given broad personal discretion as to how they choose to handle a case/situation.  More agents are to be hired.  Money will be needed for more agents, detention facilities and judges; where will this money come from?  Under the O Admin. the agents targeted only the ‘worst.’  DT has made it clear/plain that he wants to deport more people (and this will do that).  Some big-city mayors are pushing back.  Some say this will drive people ‘underground’ and have ‘unintended consequences.’  Some ‘sanctuary cities’ won’t cooperate.  Some AGs (in the States) will become heroes as they buck Trump in court battles.  DT will threaten their federal funds if they do that (probably).  People who shouldn’t be caught in this ‘wide net’ will be.  ‘How’ is ‘crime’ defined?  Why deport people with families who’ve been here a long time (and are causing no harm)?  Why not ‘champion’ the Dreamers and get tough on the criminals?  Crossing the border without papers is not a ‘crime,’ it’s a ‘civil violation.’  Some US law enforcement officials are happy with DT’s plans and say POTUS-BO was too soft on the matter and didn’t go far enough to protect “our border.” They say that the new guidelines merely allow them to       (actually) enforce laws already on the books.  As usual, lots of controversy with many things DT does (or wants to do).  Critics: “DT sold this as a lie and some of the American people believed it.”

Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain procedures that shelters illegal immigrants. … The term most commonly is used for cities that do not permit municipal funds or resources to be applied in furtherance of enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Lt. Gen. McMaster sees ISIS as a ‘perversion’ of Islam (which may be different than how DT sees it).

Where’s all the money coming from to fund DT’s plans?

DT attracted a lot of Alt-Right folks to himself (intentionally or not).  He should intentionally push them away and disassociate asap.  He has an opportunity to show he is the POTUS for all the people.  DT visibly has a ‘quick trigger’ on some issues (like immigration) but very slow on other issues, like anti-semitism and the rise of violent crime against Jews.  Critics would like for him to re-arrange his priorities.

DT says that people showing up at Town Halls rants are being coached by liberals and perhaps ‘paid’ by them.  This is not the case (and no evidence of this); however, many are using the same ‘manual’ (Indivisible Movement).  It ‘is’ an organized movement and the unifying thread is they are all anti-DT.

Many within DT’s own Party describe DT as ‘erratic‘ and that he makes them ‘nervous.’

George F. Hill, Pulitzer Prize recipient and former Fox News pundit was fired by Fox, at DT’s request, for making anti-DT remarks.  Hill says that he resigned from the GOP b/c of DT.  He says that the Founders wouldn’t recognize the GOP as it exists today.  He says ‘Trumpism‘ doesn’t mix well with the Conservative GOP as edified/nurtured by William F. Buckley (starting in the mid-1950’s).   He says DT is an ‘exogenous factor’ and no one could’ve predicted the rise of DT or seen him coming.  He says S. Bannon is a “continental European right winger . . . a phenomenon.  There’s no American pedigree for that kind of thought.  Bannon is an import from Europe.”

Hill says there are some things to be on the watch for:

  • DT will have to submit a budget . . . at that point people in the GOP will return to Conservatism or there will be a “. . . feast of people eating words they spoken for thirty years.”
  • Watch Congressman Meadows from N. Carolina, the ‘Freedom Caucus’ head — he represents the heart of the ‘old school’ Conservatives
  • Conservatism will eventually re-discover itself . . . “. . . when they realize the slippery slope they’re on, away from Conservative principles, I think they will change by mid-summer.”

Bannon may be working some ‘back channel’ deals with Germany (and others).  Within the WH there’s a certain amount of backbiting and scapegoating going on . . . this is expected to intensify.

D.T. has no core convictions to his policies.

The mental health of the POTUS is vital b/c we are living in a ‘nuclear age’ and the POTUS has access to a nuclear weapon arsenal.  Mental health professionals have a DUTY TO WARN ethic/code . . . if they believe someone is at risk of harm (by another), they must let that person (or persons) know of that risk.  In this case, it’s the American people.  Many mental health professionals are saying that DT is “dangerously mentally ill” and has a “loose grip on reality.”  That DT “rejects reality he doesn’t like.”  Two of these professionals are John Gartner, Ph.D and Dr. Lance Dodes, M.D. from Harvard.  Gartner describes DT as “.  .  . the worst case scenario.”



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