Day 34: “Astroturf” . . . ?

The WH dismisses the large turnout of outraged citizens at local Town Hall Meetings as ‘astroturf’ (not grass roots) and that “not that many” are showing up, especially in the ‘swing states.’  These rallies won’t be as effective in areas where the Rep. or Senator was recently elected.  Voters are concerned about ‘me’ (them, each individual — how does this affect and impact ME? they want to know first of all).  Politicians always need to take that into account and spell it out as to how _________ will impact that person/those people. Russia is not seen as evil as ISIS (many are too young to remember our fear of RU in the 1950s and into the 1960s) . . . the politician should always ask, “What will ________ mean for Jane Doe in a rural community in Iowa?”  It’s a mistake for any politician to dismiss the current Town Hall Meetings as a flash in the pan and without root or substance.  The O Admin. did that and it cost them (later on).

The cry for health care is so strong that the R. Party’s original intent to ‘repeal’ the ACA has been changed to ‘repeal and replace.’  The GOP will need to come up with a detailed, affordable plan . . . so far, for the past 8 years, they have not done so.  Why not?

Many rural hospitals are going out of business.

Pundit:  If you let the ‘other side’ define the argument, you lose.

VP Pence in St. Louis, MO on Feb. 22nd to condemn vandalism at a Jewish cemetery.  He spoke to a group gathered there.

The WH rescinded a ‘directive letter’ issued by POTUS-O re: transgenders and the use of bathrooms in schools.  The WH wants to see this issue addressed and resolved by each state, individually.  DeVos and Sessions are not on the same side of this issue — DeVos (a mostly silent gay rights supporter) is upset about it.

Malaysia is being accused of foul play by N. Korea over the murder of the N. Korean dictator’s half brother (who had a history of speaking out against his half-bro).  He was under the protection of the Chinese at the time of his murder.  His regime is a  threat to everyone.  How is POTUS-DT going to stop him from developing a NUCLEAR ICBM that can reach CONUS within the next four years?

Cabinet appointees Kelly and Tillerson are in MX to try to patch things up with the MX leader/people and discuss NAFTA, trade, immigration, and the ‘wall’.  Mexico accepts no UNILATERAL ACTION by any country.

Bannon and VP-Pence are sending mixed messages to the EU (European Union).  DT has said he doesn’t like the EU.  WHO speaks for the POTUS — our allies are confused (and this is not good . . . is a dangerous state of affairs).


  • Extreme ‘nationalism’ led to WW II and the EU was developed to help prevent future global war(s)
  • There are parallel structures within the WH which will undermine each other.
  • WHO speaks for the POTUS?  This needs to be clear to our allies.
  • Mixed messages do not belong in a “well-oiled machine.”
  • The EU brought Europe together — we need that cooperation — everyone does (on our side of things).
  • The D. Party has lost across the entire USA . . . how can they rebuild?  The DNC will soon elect a DNC Chair, who will determine how funds are spent and help guide the Party to some D. victories in 2018.  They need to harness the massive energy that is currently expressing itself w/in the D. Party (or anti-DT party).
  • The D. Party is, “engaged like I haven’t seen in 30 years.”  However, they need an “organic set of principles” (just not liking DT is not enough)

Re: new Immigration Enforcement guidelines . . . how severe must a ‘crime’ be?  Will running a red light get you deported?  One pundit:  ICE has over-charged people in the past and there needs to be some checks on this.  The un-intended consequences of the new guidelines could be severe.


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