Day 35: “Burn it down” says Bannon

Chief of Staff R. Priebus and Chief POTUS Adviser S. Bannon were together at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States. CPAC is hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU . . . American Conservative Union. Founded in 1964, it is the oldest such conservative lobbying organization in the country. The ACU is concerned with what they define as foundations of conservatism, issues such as personal liberty or freedom, foreign policy, and traditional values).   VP Pence addressed the meeting for the 9th time — “first time as VP.”  Pence, appearing very ‘presidential,’ says that DT is the same as (and just as great as) POTUS-Reagan.  What if the VP turns out to be more ‘popular’ than DT?  The views espoused at this Conference are not held by the majority of Americans (say Republican leaders).

White supremacist leader, Richard Spencer, was scheduled to speak at the above conference but was dis-invited.

Bannon has a plan (which differs from the traditional Republican agenda) . . . he wants to upend the political order, destroy R/L norms of American Politics . . . it’s establishment vs. anti-establishment; nationalist vs. globalist.

An anti-establishment view or belief is one which stands in opposition to the conventional social, political, and economic principles of a society.  A globalist advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world.  A nationalist person advocates political independence for a country.

Bannon says, “They won’t give your country back without a fight!”  (I think he means the media when he says, ‘they’).  R. Priebus says, “If the Party and the Conservative movement stick together it can’t be stopped!”

Conservatism is being re-shaped by DT and Bannon, but the ‘picture’ of what that looks like is still forming.  Breitbart is the entity that Bannon created . . . his worldview can be seen there.  Immigrants assimilate better in America than elsewhere in the world . . . THIS, Bannon disputes.

Bannon also differs from traditional Republican views in that he wants tariffs and more tariffs and wants the US to leave the European Union.  Bannon wants to divide, pull apart, destroy.  Bannon wants to burn the system down (see Lenin) and “no Conservative Republican wants that.”

The three pillars of Bannon:  (1) National Sovereignty, (2) Economic Nationalism, and (3) Deconstruction of the Administrative State.  According to Bannon, the hand-picked heads of the various agencies are to take their respective agencies apart and reshaped them into what Bannon has in mind.  Bannon energizes DT.  Bannon is clearly more dominant than Priebus.  Bannon has a very B&W view of the world . . . is very Manichean.

Aleksandr Dugin advises DT and is backed by Russia and Russia desires what the Alt. Right wants to embrace.

Former DT Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, threatened with blackmail?

Mainstream sources report that the WH asked the FBI to ‘drop’ its Investigation into DT and Campaign’s ties to RU.  The WH wanted the FBI to publicly dispute the stories; the FBI rejected the request and is not commenting.  The WH is not supposed to solicit the aid of the FBI to refute active Investigations.  Is the WH asking the FBI to “cook” their books?  The WH and FBI are giving different accounts as to who approached who.

IMMIGRATION:  The WH is seeking an intel report to support it’s policy rather than vice-versa.  DT’s DoJ determined to prove the 9th Circuit Court ruling ‘wrong.’

People/Nations (like Mexico) are saying they are confused in that they have no clear ‘authority’ to look to when the words from DT do not closely match the words from his Cabinet appointees.  DHS head Kelly says “no military force” in Mexico (DT has intimated otherwise) . . . Kelly says “no mass deportations.”  Rex Tillerson is saying there will be “multiple levels of appeal” (for those caught) and only “criminals” will be targeted.  DT hasn’t said this.  Mexico complains about the disparity.  Mexico wants to know: why more ICE agents?  Why new WH memos?  DT seems to be immigration-phobic.  There are 11,000,000 undocumented in the USA . . . are they all criminals?    There was no discussion of “The Wall” during the Kelly/Tillerson meeting with Mexican officials.


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