The end of ISIS?

New head of NSC, Lt. General McMaster advised the POTUS that the term, “radical Islamic terrorist” was “not helpful.”  He said it plays into ISIS propaganda.  McMaster says that what’s going on is a religious war against Islam and it hurts our relationship with our Muslim and Arab allies (who are helping us defeat ISIS).  DT has praised Putin . . . but McMaster says Putin is our adversary.  McMaster repudiates DT’s language and worldview and so far POTUS-DT seems okay with it.  Many agree with McMaster and morale is much better since Flynn left and McMaster came aboard.

The NSC must not be politicized.  McMaster is an expert in military history and the post/position he now holds; DT would not go wrong listening to McMaster and following his advice.  The USA will suffer if the NSC errs or malfunctions.

Principals committee?

Who holds ‘more sway’ in the WH, Bannon or McMaster?  It is expected that they will clash at some point.

Tom Perez, former Labor Sec’y (under POTUS-O) was voted (during a 2nd round of voting) as new head of the DNC.  Keith Ellison came in second, and Perez sought, and gained, unanimous approval to make Ellison his second in command — a wonderful expression of party unity.  The DNC wants Bannon off the NSC asap and plans to push for this.

POTUS-O deported a million more people than POTUS-Geo. W. Bush.

Critic:  Most of DT’s agenda is un-American.

Critic:  Some view the media as the “unelected opposition.”

DT plans to skip the WH Correspondents Dinner.  Historically, most of the POTUS have attended.  Actor/pundit Ben Stein feels the media is too hard on DT and doesn’t blame DT for not attending.  Ben goes on to say that he feels Nixon got a raw deal and should be remembered for all the remarkable things he accomplished and not his failure, the Watergate scandal and subsequent resignation.

DT needs to fill over 2,000 Admin. vacancies.  Most of these do not require a ‘hearing.’  A University of Akron Professor (paraphrasing):

  • It’s  not unusual for all the appointments to take up to one year
  • But DT’s Admin has been lax — a very slow pace
  • Crucial positions are unfilled which slow down government functioning
  • “Worst transition ever” (worse than Clinton’s)
  • The ‘transition team’ was way behind to begin with
  • DT veto’d some of the sub-cab. picks b/c they had criticized him at some point
  • The ‘lower positions’ actually ‘run‘ the (involved) Agency . . . some Agencies have over 100,000 employees
  • If the DoD (for example) can’t run/function properly, it could be quite serious for our security!

US troops are close to the ‘front’ in Mosul . . . about one mile from the enemy.  ISIS is using family members as ‘human shields.’  ISIS knows they are trapped and can’t escape and must either die fighting or surrender . . . so their resistance has been fierce.  Hundreds of thousands of Mosul’s civilians are at risk.

Kim Jong Un’s 1/2 bro was murdered.  S. Korea says the murder was by Kim Jong Un.  The man was murdered with VX, a weapon of mass destruction, deadlier than Sarin, or GB, a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It is generally considered a weapon of mass destruction.  N. Korea has figured out how to weaponize their supply of VX, much to our alarm!  There is much we don’t know and need to find out asap.


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