Day 37: Minority rule

MEET THE PRESS (intro music is horrible!)

NBC News/WSJ Poll results

POTUS APPROVAL RATING –> 44% approve; 48% disapprove  (largest ever disapproval)

In the GOP, 86% approve; 9% disapprove . . . with the Dems, it’s the reverse.  With Independents, 38% approve, 47% disapprove.

One pundit:  DT seems to lash out at the media after each media report about possible collusion between DT and RU.  The ‘Russian’ story is eating up a lot of O2 in the WH, WH getting eaten up by scandal.  DT is obsessed with the media.  ‘Was‘ there a quid-pro-quo between DT and RU?

Senator Tom Cotton (R, Ark) says (paraphrasing):

  • He thinks a bi-partisan inquiry into what RU did or didn’t do in the election will be fair
  • He doesn’t think a ‘special‘ investigation is needed at this point
  • He’s against uncredited sources in media reporting
  • ACA needs a fix

Tom Perez was selected as head of the DNC by DNC members . . . he brings a lot of background to the job but some are upset b/c they feel Perez doesn’t represent the ‘progressive’ (i.e., Sanders) wing of the Party.  Stats–> Democratic losses since 2008:

  • Senate        -11

  • House         -63

  • Gov.            -12

  • State Leg.  -946

Perez says the DNC ‘mission’ must be tweaked; that the DNC didn’t invest enough in state parties, and failed to have an “every zip code” strategy.  The DNC needs an “economic” message.  DT hasn’t proposed anything the D. Party can work with so far . . . DT ‘talks’ one way but ‘acts’ another.  DT is against min. wage increase.

The Gov. of Colorado says over 60% of Americans live in states where marijuana use is legal in some form.  Since being legal in CO for rec. use there’s been no spike in teen use and there are “less drug dealers.”  He’s not sure if Jeff Sessions will try to mess with the state laws re: marijuana — he thinks the states have some autonomy re: these kinds of laws.

More poll/research results showing some differences between the ‘Baby Boomers, ages 55-70 (BB)’ and the ‘Millennials, ages 18-34 (M)’:

  • Approval of DT:  34% of M and 52% of BB approve; 58% of M and 40% of BB disapprove.
  • Travel Ban:  31% of M and 54% of BB approve; 59% of M and 36% of BB disapprove.
  • ACA: 33% of M and 47% of BB disapprove; 48% of M and 37% of BB approve.
  • Foreign trade: 27% of M and 44% of BB say it has hurt us; 50% of M and 32% of BB say it’s helped us.

The Millennials are the FUTURE.

The son of boxing champ M. Ali was detained at a FL airport.

Former CIA head John Brennan on “Face the Nation.”  This is his first public interview this year.  Mr. Brennan says (paraphrasing):

  • A neutral, objective, fact-seeking bi-partisan investigation into DT and RU is vital
  • FBI Director Comey would not compromise an Open Investigation (as alleged)
  • The WH should steer clear of trying to discuss any Open Investigation with the FBI
  • Even the ‘appearance’ of impropriety should be avoided by the WH
  • Citizenship‘ is *not* a *terrorist indicator*
  • The Travel Ban won’t help
  • McMaster has a stellar reputation and DT should listen to him and heed what he says
  • Reducing complex matters to ‘bumper sticker’ soundbites is not helpful
  • DT’s words are heard around the world and he must be careful with them and much more disciplined with what he says and how he says it

Pundit:  What we have is a ‘minority rule’ because millions of Americans did not vote for either candidate.



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