Who/what is a “Democrat?”

Keith Ellison (#2 in the DNC) tells his disappointed supporters that they need to support Tom Perez as much as they do him.  DT Tweets that the outcome/voting was “rigged.”  Critics says that Perez “doesn’t know what’s going on” and that he is “only concerned about the E. Coast and W. Coast . . .” that he was “too close to Clinton” . . . that he is “out of touch with the mainstream American . . . a terrible choice . . . too steeped in identity politics.”  Former POTUS-O wanted Perez in this post.  The DNC will need to raise lots of money and take a very clear message, a message that people want to hear, to the local levels.  It needs to be a good message.  DT has taken what used to be ‘Democrats’ and made them into ‘Trumpites.”  He spoke words they wanted to hear, and got their votes — can the new DNC do that?  There are a lot of seats up for grab in 2018.

A former DT Campaign manager argues the media is not “fair” to DT and “not accurate.”  He says the media reports some things as fact that haven’t been verified as such.  He says the media “has its own agenda.”

46 Governors are in town (D.C.) for a meeting.  Two are interviewed on “Face The Nation.”  One Gov. says, “If we put trade penalties on others, they are going to put them on us.” And, “tax reform is needed to help the ave. consumer.”

Re: the Travel Ban –> “Randomly stopping people on the street is a bad idea.”

The GOP is not putting out a clear message re: ACA .  .  . one thing they are *not* saying is *how* they would *replace* it.  At Town Hall meetings around the nation people/protesters are making it clear that they do not want to lose their health care coverage — if the GOP can improve upon what’s in place, great!  Otherwise, leave it alone and let us keep it! (is what most are saying)

Pundit:  What got DT elected was his promises to people re: jobs and infrastructure.

Chris Wallace:  Does it serve DT . . . does it create jobs

  • when DT attacks others?
  • when DT attacks the media?

What if he just did his job and didn’t respond?  (Wallace asks)   No answer to a good question.



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