Day 39: “We need to win WARS.”

Two members of the Congressional Intelligence Committee gave differing reports re: the “I” into DT/WH and Russia.  One member says there’s “nothing there” . . . another member says there’s nothing there because the “I” hasn’t really started as yet — no witnesses have been interviewed, no documents have been examined.  Some members want to see DT’s tax return (to see if there’s any financial ties to RU there).  Some want a “special investigation” (instead of or in addition to the Intelligence Committee) but Sean Spicer asks, “. . . of what?”  It appears there’s a “split” within this Committee and the presence of bias.  Pundit:  It’s as if the DP and GOP operate on “different realities.”

A pundit panel (paraphrasing):

  • There’s no evidence of wrongdoing
  • DP are just “sore losers”
  • In July DT asked RU (on TV) to “hack Hillary” (a joke?)
  • Not long ago 17 Intel Agencies said RU meddled in our election; RU wanted to sway the election toward DT
  • A ‘special prosecutor’ normally enters when there ‘is’ evidence of wrongdoing
  • How does RU get its Intel, and from where, from whom?
  • Seems like the WH wants us to focus on “leaks” (as a form of misdirection?); some of the leaks are probably “sanctioned” (by DT)
  • DT is only POTUS because of leaks (Wikileaks)
  • The leakers may be associated with certain ‘factions‘ within the WH (or just to oppose DT or get his attention)
  • Leaks don’t happen when people are “getting along;” there must be jockeying and power plays behind the scenes . . . frustration can lead to leaking, going outside the “system”
  • The media doesn’t leak (it would not serve them well if they did)
  • Some Obama ‘holdovers’ might be leaking

Former POTUS-G.W. Bush, after eight+ years of silence, has come out saying, “. . . we need answers about what happened with Russia . . . we need an independent media.  I pressed Putin for a free press . . . how can we tell others to have a free press if we don’t have one?”

Pundit:  The younger generation doesn’t like the older — wants to rebuild everything in “their” image (not the Baby Boomers image).

Wilbur Ross is confirmed as Sec’y of Commerce.

There is such a thing as confirmation bias . . . the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.

Bernie Sanders (paraphrasing):

  • Russia tried to swing the election victory to DT — did the Trump camp collude?
  • The WH doesn’t want to pursue it — why not?
  • Did/does DT have an “income” from Russia?
  • There should be a independent investigation to get the true facts.
  • DP should work with GOP to improve the ACA.
  • Health care coverage ‘is’ very complicated — why is DT just now realizing this?
  • We (USA) pay the highest prices in the world for Rx drugs.
  • He is ‘stunned’ every day by DT’s comments and lack of insight and understanding

POTUS-DT (paraphrasing):

  • We need to win wars — we don’t win wars anymore
  • “Our military doesn’t win anymore.”
  • “Win or don’t fight.”
  • He wants a leaner government
  • He wants to repeal and replace ACA and give states “flexibility”
  • He wants “fair” trade among the countries
  • He says he is a total “Nationalist
  • “I haven’t spoken to Russia in ten years.”  (DT’s reply to a question about his thoughts on a special prosecutor being appointed . . . in 2013 he did host a pageant in Russia . . . on 11/9/13 he told a reporter, on TV, that he *did* have a *relationship* with Putin.)

He’s asking for 54 BILLION in Defense spending in the upcoming budget, while drastically reducing funds available for some other things.  We haven’t seen where the ‘bulk’ of the budget would be; a full budget is promised in May.  What IS his vision with respect to foreign policy?  What ARE his domestic priorities?  The two pillars of his agenda so far seem to be ‘public safety’ and ‘national security.’  

More than 120 retired three and four-star generals just sent a letter to the House and Senate leadership calling on Congress to “ensure that resources for the International Affairs Budget keep pace with the growing global threats and opportunities we face.”

The letter comes amid reports that the State Department could see a cut of “as much as 30%” in the Administration’s budget outline to Congress.

One pundit: “Development” is cheaper than sending soldiers.  General Mattis said, “If you don’t have good diplomats, we’ll need more ammo.”

Lt. Gen. Hertling (paraphrasing):

Pundit:  It’s like DT is learning things for the first time, like how complicated a health care payment system can be . . . like coming up with a viable “Trump Care.”

The father of a slain Navy Seal (from recent Yemen raid ordered by DT) refused to meet with the POTUS and he wants an investigation into why DT ordered the raid when he did, so soon after taking office, when he was still so new on the job . . . over dinner.

Lots more vandalism of Jewish cemeteries . . . there has been a severe spike since DT took office.  Sean Spicer condemns the acts from the WH.  Jewish-related bomb threats are on the rise at alarming numbers.


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