“. . . more with less . . . “

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, #1 and #2 leaders of the DNC, paraphrasing:

  • We must get people out to vote!
  • Jobs!
  • addressing all the “kitchen table” issues
  • coverage ‘everywhere’
  • an organized presence year ’round
  • relentlessly execute everywhere

POTUS-DT says he believes that former POTUS-BO may be behind the protests around the country and also the ‘leaks.’  He says perhaps O is just “playing politics.”  He didn’t seem upset about it.  He says that the Jewish hate crimes are perhaps being staged, by the opposition, for political purposes.




Re: the Budget being discussed in the last day or two . . . Senator L. Graham said it was “DOA” and also called it a “disaster.”  DT says he is emphasizing Public Safety and National Security, and that, “. . . we are going to do more with less.”  DT wants to gut the State Dept. (which pundits say is not wise).  GOP leaders are expressing doubts about DT’s budget ideas.  “He has no strategy.”  “Some of what he wants could complicate our National Security.”

Pundit:  So far, DT has played only to his base . . . he’s gonna have to expand it if he wants success.  So far he is ‘holding onto‘ his people (his base).  New polling shows “optimism” is up around the country (which doesn’t quite make sense in light of other recent stats reported here).

Can coal jobs return?  http://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/2/21/14671932/donald-trump-coal-mining-jobs

DT is addressing Congress tonight in a joint session to present what he wants to accomplish while in office.


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