“New tone, same tune.”

While the ‘tone’ of DT’s speech (vs. others he’s given) was “more Presidential” the “message was the same” say some . . . “new tone, same tune.”

Panel (of pundits) paraphrasing:

  • “Tone” matters and can help/hurt
  • The “bar” is “so low” for DT . . . “on the floor” . . . any speech where he doesn’t offend someone is deemed a ‘success’?
  • DT ‘is’ an able communicator and his speech gained some much needed positive PR 
  • ‘Mitch’ likely liked the speech
  • “Still a lot is unclear.”  “Principles without specifics.”
  • DT ‘blaming’ the ‘generals’ for the loss of the Navy Seal Ryan Owens (doesn’t fly for some)
  • In his speech DT said virtually nada about what his foreign policy will be
  • Veteran politicians say they’ve never seen such a divided chamber with DP members all on one side and GOP members all on the other

The allegations of MI6 agent Steele may be credible . . . the FBI offered to pay him, as a source, before Steele changed his mind.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/fbi-once-planned-to-pay-former-british-spy-who-authored-controversial-trump-dossier/2017/02/28/896ab470-facc-11e6-9845-576c69081518_story.html?utm_term=.d6379cbfb643

The House Intelligence Committee has agreed on probe parameters (into RU).

Rep. Seth Moulton (D):  “POTUS Trump is a serial liar.”

The WH had planned to roll out a new Travel Ban EO but decided to wait in order to ‘bask in the glow’ of his speech to Congress.  One pundit:  I thought the WH said it was a matter of “immediate and urgent necessity.”

AG Jeff Sessions didn’t disclose his communication with Russians during his confirmation hearing(s).  Some are demanding his resignation, others are demanding that he recuse himself from any investigations involving RU.  If Sessions (and others) have nothing to hide, then why the cover-up?  Why the rush to make the “RU story” go away for good?



Per one expert of the Am. Intel community:

  • 10 years ago, treason; today, partisanship (he is baffled!)
  • Our nation was attacked by Russia and we need to get to the bottom of this!
  • The Am. people, why so neutral and/or uncaring about RU?  Poorly educated?
  • RU wants a weak America, an America with much in-fighting and poor relations with allies
  • Where’s the OUTRAGE over what Russia did? (by American people, AND by the POTUS and his WH)?
  • 25% of the Am. People are siding with Russia’s version of events and maybe 25% don’t care at all
  • RU has used cyber-warfare expertly and effectively against us
  • POTUS-DT should be leading the charge to get to the bottom of this!  His resistance to doing so makes him look suspicious
  • The WH will say that all of this is nothing more than “sore losers syndrome” and attempts to undermine DT and rain on his parade.



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