AG Sessions recuses himself . . .

AG Jeff Sessions *did* recuse himself from anything pertaining to DT’s campaign and Russia.  The AG says that he did not try to mislead anyone . . . never meant to make any false statements.  Sessions says he can’t remember what he said to the RU Ambassador. Later, Sessions seems to go from not being able to recall anything to recalling this and that with great detail.  Sixty Nine Congresspeople (so far) in the DP have asked for the AG to resign.  An ‘acting‘ AG will take over (since a Deputy AG has yet to be appointed).  Sessions may be asked to give further sworn testimony on this matter.  The FBI will *not* report to AG Sessions re: this.   DT is saying that this is just more “sore loser” stuff and that the DP has “lost its grip on reality.”

The DP realizes that ‘public pressure’ has been effective.

There’s been poor coordination between WH statements, DT statements, and statements from his various staff.

Pundit:  The number of federal whistleblowers is growing — they should be protected as they come forward.

Pundit panel (paraphrasing remarks):

  • The AG is ‘hoping’ his recusal will be enough — many are demanding his resignation
  • RU *did* succeed in influencing the election and swinging it toward DT — that is a fact
  • The AG met at least twice with the RU Ambassador (RuA) — the RuA knew who Sessions was/is; there’s probably a detailed written record of the meetings somewhere
  • Part of the job of the RuA is to provide Intel to RU
  • Lt. Gen. Flynn and the AG met with the RuA in December 2016 (why?)
  • There’s too much ‘there’ there for there to be ‘nothing’ there
  • This has to be more than just ‘plain ol’ politics’
  • Why isn’t DT doing more to put this all behind him once and for all?
  • Sessions appears to be ‘playing dumb’ (but he ‘didn’t get this far by being dumb’)
  • Sessions met with the RuA close to the time the sanctions were imposed by POTUS-O
  • Sessions was the main Senator supporting DT in his campaign
  • An “Independent Committee” is needed — 9/11 style
  • Seventeen US Intel Agencies agreed (without dissent) that ‘something’ (improper) happened with the DT campaign and RU
  • Why does DT treat RU like a “tier one” nation?  Why is he so hospitable to RU?
  • DT likes and parrots Putin’s talking points
  • A dictator always USES an “exception” by making an “example” of it and claiming that the “exception” is actually the NORM . . . DT did this several times during his recent address to Congress
  • Putin “never bows to pressure” (and DT is following Putin’s playbook)
  • MANY DT advisors met with RU during the July GOP convention
  • DT said he didn’t want to go to “WW III” with Putin over “Ukraine.”  What does this mean?
  • How did DT develop his policy toward RU?
  • Why is DT so ‘soft’ on RU?
  • The FBI (so far) is not telling the Congressional Intel Comm what the FBI has learned (so far)
  • There’s a big gap between what the FBI knows and what the Senate Intel Comm knows
  • The AG did at least as much as Gen. Flynn (and Flynn got fired)
  • The RuA has been so for more than 8 years; he’s considered a ‘top spy’ and a ‘spy recruiter;’ reported to be ‘highly intelligent;’ he has ties to RU Intel Orgs. RU has ‘stepped up’ its ‘spy game’ in recent years and are now some of the best in the world
  • The RuA is the ‘eyes and ears’ of Putin here in the US; however, not all diplomats are spies
  • Russia’s interests do *not* align with US interests
  • The WH has an ongoing ‘credibility crisis‘; the RU story keeps gaining momentum
  • The GOP is dependent on DT (to accomplish what they want to get done with him as POTUS and thus want to stay on his ‘good’ side)
  • The AG should recuse himself from *all* of it (not just as relates to the campaign)
  • The head of National Security and the Chief Law Enforcement officer have both been charged with lying . . . causing Lt. Gen. Flynn to resign.
  • RU has been meddling in elections since the 1920s; the US must confront RU and their intrusions around the world and put a stop to it
  • Since 2008 the FBI added Intel Gathering to what they do, prior to that they only “I” crime

Ben Carson is confirmed as HUD chief.  Rick Perry is confirmed as head of the Energy Dept.




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