Obama ‘bugged’ Trump?

This morning, about 6:30 a.m., POTUS-DTTweeted” that during the last election (then POTUS) Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower.

Breitbart ran and article similar to this and talk show personality Mark Levin made similar allegations 




Statements and/or articles by Breitbart and talk show host Mark Levin (above) appear to be what got DT upset and DT appears to rely upon these sources as ‘factual and accurate’ information.  Senator L. Graham said that he intends to get to the bottom of this.  So far, about twelve hours later, there has been no comment (official or otherwise) from the WH.

To ‘legally’ obtain an order like this would require involving the FISA Court.  And the ‘standard’ for obtaining such an order would be exceedingly high. “Proof” of a crime would have to be presented and high confidence that someone is “guilty” of a crime and would likely be convicted at a trial, etc.


Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • On its face the allegation is ludicrous and reckless
  • Such a thing, if true, would’ve been leaked a long time ago
  • If true, there would be a record that DT could examine
  • This is just more ‘lashing out‘ by DT
  • The POTUS doesn’t seem to comprehend how the Intel Comm. works and regularly misinterprets things; his overall understanding seems “thin
  • “This” DT is familiar, though in sharp contrast to the DT that presented before Congress a few nights ago
  • DT has expressed his skepticism of his own Intel Agencies
  • The DoJ should perhaps recuse itself (to ensure the integrity of the inquiries)
  • Did DT borrow money from RU?
  • This is not all going to go away and DT is making it worse

AG Sessions is in FL to meet with DT.  On Monday he is to give additional testimony.







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