The ‘totality’ of it all . . .

AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from any investigation into DT’s connection to RU.  DT calls the (relentless) RU stories a “witch hunt.”

Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) paraphrasing:

  • The FBI would be the first in line to investigate
  • Then perhaps a grand jury
  • Then perhaps DoJ
  • Many more details need to be obtained
  • He wants to ‘repeal and replace’ ACA “on the same day in separate bills.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) paraphrasing:

  • She wants to ask Jeff Sessions some questions under oath
  • This is about RU meddling in our election process and outcomes
  • A full and impartial hearing/investigation is needed
  • This is about defending democracy around the world

–> VP Pence, while Gov. of Indiana, maintained a private email service from his home, doing official business on this computer, and got hacked.  He denies/rejects any comparison between this and the hubbub over H. Clinton and emails.

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • Why wouldn’t the WH want a full independent review so they can put all this behind them?
  • Clearly, the WH doesn’t want this matter investigated; why not?
  • More information and allegations pertaining to RU keep coming out
  • Why does the GOP ‘back’ DT so much?
  • The GOP knows the first 100 days is their most opportune time to get ‘stuff’ pushed through 
  • What did Kushner talk to the RuA about?
  • The RuA met with Kushner and Flynn at Trump Tower but he went in the back door so as not to be seen — why?
  • There’s a lack of ‘transparency’ from this WH
  • DT said (on TV) he ‘did’ have a ‘relationship’ with Putin — denies this now
  • Paul Manafort is well-known in the Ukraine
  • Why has DT *never* shown/expressed any outrage over what RU did to the US in the election?
  • Why do some make such a big deal over the fact DT knows how to read off a teleprompter?  Why is that so noteworthy?
  • The AG recused himself b/c he “got caught” . . . otherwise nothing would’ve changed
  • RUSSIA for sure knows what happened

Active Investigations into DT’s connection to Russia:

  1. FBI/DoJ

  2. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

  3. House Select Committee on Intelligence

  4. Senate Judiciary Committee Sub-Committee on Crime and Terrorism

Rep. C. Dent (R):  Why is DT so conciliatory toward RU

Rep. Jim Himes (D):  The WH is not behaving as if they are ‘innocent’

DT is back at Mar-A-Lago for the weekend.

Paraphrasing Carter Page:

  • He has a long history with RU
  • He worked for DT’s campaign
  • He won’t discuss ‘off the record‘ meetings he’s had
  • He hasn’t met with the RuA
  • He has met with the RuA
  • He hasn’t met with DT
  • He was a formal, unpaid adviser
  • Is saying ‘hello’ to someone a “meeting”? (he asks)
  • He doesn’t want to discuss his activities as adviser to DT’s campaign
  • The person who denied he was an adviser said that b/c that person didn’t ‘know’ that he was
  • He never rec’d any letters from the DT campaign to ‘cease and desist’
  • People are lying about him
  • He went to RU in Sept. at his own expense (DT’s campaign knew this)
  • In RU he met with scholars at the “new economics school”
  • He’s been going to RU since 1991
  • No one in RU has discussed ‘hacking’ with him
  • He did not collude with anyone in RU
  • Clinton hates him because he’s a Catholic
  • No one has tried to interview him during the past year from our Gov.
  • He’d be willing to testify under oath
  • While in RU he uses a “second phone” (to avoid being hacked)
  • He won’t entertain the notion that Putin could meddle in our election, says he doesn’t know if Putin meddles in elections around the world or not

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • Page wouldn’t answer pointed questions
  • What does he (Page) hope to accomplish (going on TV)?
  • Page may’ve been used by RU and/or DT
  • There is ‘some’ sort of “cover up” going on, we just don’t know the details yet, “We don’t know yet what they don’t want us to know.”
  • Page is a ‘hanger-on’ of no importance or consequence
  • DT should declassify everything he can so the public can examine the ‘facts’

A St. Louis, MO man is charged in the desecration of Jewish cemeteries over hostile emotions toward an ex-lover (who is Jewish).

Russia is calling some of the DT stories therefake news” and a “witch hunt.”  CNN is on their list of “fake news” outlets.  RU may be tiring of DT stories.  The ‘push-back’ from the WH and the Kremlin is similar.  What does FBI Comey know and why is he silent?  Where’s the FBI report at?  The FBI ‘has’ been bi-partisan in the past (e.g., Clinton and emails, etc.)  The first thing anyone appearing at a confirmation hearing would be thinking of is the allegations surrounding DT and Russia . . . so for the AG to act ‘stupid’ about it is suspect.  However, many times (in D.C.) it’s often a matter of ‘incompetency’ rather than ‘conspiracy.’  Nevertheless, a 9/11-type inquiry is what’s needed.  

Why isn’t POTUS-DT saying he wants an investigation into  how Russia impacted our 2016 election?

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • Ambassadors usually don’t spy or recruit spies
  • “Active measures” is part of the Russian toolkit
  • A select committee would be best considering the gravity of what RU tried to do — the stakes are as high as 9/11
  • DT can’t ‘control the message’ like he did before (becoming POTUS)
  • DT seems completely willing to pretend RU hasn’t committed any crimes
  • At this point friend and foe alike are reacting to the ‘totality’ of everything since DT took office and feeling the weight of it all
  • It could take a ‘long time’ before we know the results of current investigations re: RU
  • Is the FBI dragging its feet?

At this point it’s clear that at least these folks (from the DT camp) have spoken with the RuA either during the campaign or transition:

  • Lt. Gen. Flynn
  • JD Gordon
  • Jared Kushner
  • Carter Page
  • Jeff Sessions

Profile of the Russian Ambassador (RuA), Sergey I. Kislyak:

  • age 66
  • tough
  • smart
  • promotes the Kremlin
  • fluent in English
  • wants RU to ‘stand up to’ the USA
  • is critical of the USA
  • thinks maybe the USA and RU can ‘get along’

Rex Tillerson has not spoken to the media since taking office — we don’t know much re: what’s up with him.




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