MARCH 5 . . . MTP

MEET THE PRESS with Chuck Todd.

There’s a pattern.  Only *after* media reporters *break* a story do people *then* ADMIT to this or that . . . Examples: Lt. Gen. Flynn; AG Sessions; J. Kushner; etc.  A story comes out and Flynn resigns; another story comes out and Sessions recuses himself; another comes out and Kushner admits to a having a previously undisclosed meeting with the RuA.

Senator M. Rubio (R/FL) (paraphrasing):

  • He’s a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee 
  • DT’s allegation that then POTUS-O wiretapped him is a bombshell ‘either way’
    • if true, there was evidence of a crime that led to a court-ordered tap
    • if false, the allegation is a lie and could not be more egregious
  • Overall, DT is doing what he said he would in a style they voted for — he won
  • He wants to know what “active measures” RU took against us
  • He wants to follow the facts wherever they lead and believes his colleagues are the same . . . they are not playing politics
  • It’s too early to bring in a special prosecutor
  • RU will try this again and again
  • We need to focus on what *did* happen

Senator C. Schumer (paraphrasing):

  • Re: DT’s 6:30 a.m. Tweet that O wiretapped him . . . either way DT is in trouble
  • DT doesn’t know how to conduct himself
  • DT is trying to create another diversion
  • He has some doubts that the Senate Oversight Committee will be truly bi-partisan
  • Was a law broken?  If so, that needs a special prosecutor on the Exec. side
  • He won’t comment on what he learned in classified briefings
  • We must get to the bottom of this
  • He believes the FBI will do their job and follow rules

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • DT’s Tweet against O is “beyond jarring”
  • RU is not our friend
  • RU has effectively created chaos in the USA — “look at us!”
  • A special prosecutor is needed
  • DT’s tax returns must be examined
  • The media is clearly biased
  • No matter what the outcome(s) of the investigation(s) — a portion of the country won’t believe it
  • The American people’s confidence in our government is poor — how can it be fixed?
  • DT routinely engages in juvenile behavior; he is quite reckless
  • DT has ‘formal authority’ but steadily losing ‘moral authority’
  • DT has no message discipline
  • Too much anti-DT sentiment (from the media) won’t bring in swing voters to the DP

James Clapper, former head of National Intelligence (for six years) (paraphrasing):

  • He’s not aware of any wiretapping by POTUS-O on DT
  • He’d be aware of any FISA order, and there wasn’t one
  • To his knowledge there was no collusion between DT and RU (but his knowledge is incomplete)
  • More evidence has been obtained since he left office – so he doesn’t know everything
  • RU must be chortling over this
  • RU *did* try to help DT, but no evidence of collusion that he has seen
  • He wanted to make O “aware of” former MI6 Agent Steele’s dossier without commenting on its credibility
  • RU uses both fact and/or fiction when they try to compromise someone



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