Sunday on FOX with Chris Wallace

Opinion:  This program usually hosts guests who ‘lean right;’ however, Mr. Wallace, to me, appears to try to remain somewhat neutral and non-partisan.

The main sources for DT {to believe that POTUS-O “wiretapped” him are the radio show host, Mark Levin and the website, Breitbart}.

Says Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) paraphrasing:

  • A Committee will review DT’s allegations (about POTUS-O) that DT Tweeted
  • He hasn’t seen any evidence that O did anything as alleged
  • He chooses not to focus on the Tweets from DT
  • He’s not seeing a pro-RU agenda from DT
  • The media is not always accurate
  • So far he’s seen no evidence of collusion but not much evidence has been examined thus far
  • He won’t discuss what evidence he has or doesn’t have (he just did!)
  • The FBI reports to the DoJ
  • The likely cause of most of the things causing DT delays — DP: sore losers
  • A special counsel appointment would cause delays

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) paraphrasing:

  • DT is attempting to change the conversation with his Tweet
  • DT may’ve released classified info with his Tweet
  • Twitter is not the place to litigate anything
  • He believes the FBI has transcripts showing collusion (that he’s not seen as yet but believes they exist)
  • Raw Intelligence needs to be handed over to the “I” Committees by the FBI
  • ALL the FACTS need to come out fairly, fully, and promptly
  • The DP is not trying to deliberately obstruct DT’s plans (just to be oppositional)
  • AG Sessions mis-spoke and this needs to be cleared up as to why . . . did he lie?

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • There’s no evidence that what DT Tweeted was/is true
  • The AG didn’t need to recuse himself (says Laura Ingraham)
  • DT created this ‘storm’ for himself (with his Tweets)
  • DT has a huge Intel apparatus at his disposal — he could use it
  • Any ‘internal’ Investigation(s) will be “weak” (says Bob Woodward)
  • No clearly established crime in this case (except for the hacking by RU)
  • There are many (factional) ‘splits’ everywhere on the Hill
  • The cost of healthcare and Rx drugs needs to be addressed asap — it’s much too costly
  • DT seems like he hasn’t made up his mind on certain issues, so they are stalled
  • DT seems better with ‘broad brush’ than with ‘detail brush’



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