There IS a pattern . . .

POTUS-DT woke up and Tweeted that former POTUS-BOwiretapped‘ him (or his people, in Trump Tower, prior to the election) — saying this based on stuff he heard on a talk show and read on Breitbart  (and zero credible government sources).  Later in the day, the FBI is asking the DoJ to refute DT’s claims (essentially clearing the matter up by saying the allegation is unfounded).  DT has asked for a full investigation (at taxpayers expense) into this (unfounded) allegation.

The DP wants to know (in detail) what communications have occurred between the WH and the DoJ.  

FBI head James Comey is alarmed DT would make such an allegation b/c the FBI would be implicated in the allegation as well.  ONLY the FBI does wiretaps (legal ones).  Comey and DT are likely to be at odds now over this.  One pundit: The implication of these allegations cannot be overstated.

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • DT is liable to lash out at Comey over this
  • Director Comey is “back in the thick of it”
  • DT has no legit sources (that we know of)
  • The media in RU is controlled by Putin
  • US-RU relations are probably “worse than ever
  • RU is calling the media the “Oligarchic media” and is coming down on liberals
  • RU says DT is being “pinned down” (gunfighting terms) by the liberal media
  • The whole world is watching.”
  • There’s a pattern:  “Thin-skinned DT lashes out when he can’t control the narrative, lashing out with wild, reckless, radical, unsupported claims in an effort to re-capture and control the national dialogue.”

  • How can DT work effectively with other world leaders when his credibility is so damaged?
  • We don’t know, in precise terms, what the FBI has asked of the DoJ
  • The FBI won’t want to compromise any ongoing/pending Investigation
  • DT is reportedly very “pissed off” re: his erroneous belief(s)
  • Dir. Comey will try to do the right thing

N. Korea has fired four more ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, in Japanese waters.  HOW will DT reply?  As far as I know he has yet to reply to the last missile launch, about 4 weeks ago.  Experts want to know the ANGLE of flight . . . they were launched from the Western part of N. Korea.  What N. Korea did is a “direct challenge to the International Community.”  It’s as if he’s saying, “What are you going to do about it!?”  It will be HORRIBLE if he (Kim Jong Un) acquires nuclear weapon technology, which is his goal — his goal is to be able to reach the CONUS with nuclear warheads.  Some of these missiles are reported to be “surprise attack” missiles.  Japan likewise views all this as a “new level of threat.”



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