Constitutional crisis?

Despite a request/appeal from FBI Director James Comey, the Justice Dept. has *not* “knocked down” DT’s claim that POTUS-O “tapped [his] wires” prior to the election at his Trump Tower.  Many high government officials are dismissing his claim as “nonsense.”  DT’s primary sources (for his Tweeted belief) are various conservative news outlets.  Even the cited talk-show host (Mark Levine), when asked if he had proof of what he’s alleged, replied, “I’m not Nostradamus.”  

Rep. Schiff (D) paraphrasing:

  • DT’s Tweet is preposterous
  • Director Comey rebutted the allegation (and he would know)
  • This subjects us to ridicule around the world
  • He thinks DT may be *unable* to separate fact from fiction and/or fact from speculation . . . If not, this is perhaps a strategy DT has to deflect the ongoing discussion about his connections to Russia.

  • If DT really believes what he’s saying, this is exceedingly troubling
  • The main terrorist threats to our citizens comes from people born here (who at some point are radicalized).

Paraphrasing a panel of pundits:

  • DT signed a new EO — the new EO (Travel Ban) is based on national origin
  • is the EO urgent?  necessary?  it doesn’t go into effect for ten days
  • DT signed the EO in private (a photographer present)
  • Iraq was removed from the list (Iraq is our partner in fighting ISIS)
  • This latest Tweet/allegation is the same as others (unsubstantiated)
  • DT has conspiracy theories untethered to facts
  • K. Conway says DT has access to Intel that others don’t (and thus Tweeted the truth)
  • We may have a Constitutional Crisis here
  • Millions seem willing to believe DT’s claim against Obama  (millions voted DT into office)
  • No one at the WH is backing away from DT’s claim/Tweet



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