The GREATEST THREAT to our national security . . .

A ‘new’ health care plan has been presented by Congress.  Paraphrasing Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) a member of the Freedom Caucus :

  • This is Obama-Care light
  • Many in his party are not happy with it — some are
  • This is not the plan we’ve been waiting for
  • The VP think it’ll pass “. . . it’s still early in the process.”
  • This represents the start of a negotiation process
  • There’s no estimate of what it’ll cost or how many will lose coverage or it’s impact on the budget or national debt

  • The USA is facing bankruptcy . . . DT failed to mention this in his recent address to Congress . . . THIS is our GREATEST NATIONAL SECURITY RISK . . . THIS is the #1 issue to be addressed without delay!

  • This is the largest welfare plan ever submitted by Republicans
  • He wants to “see the numbers;” he is “keeping (his) options open.”
  • This is a huge step for socialized medicine!
  • Lottery winners would be kicked off the plan
  • Let the states pay for the health care of its citizens

Paraphrasing a disagreeing panel of pundits:

  • The new Plan is in it’s very early stages
  • Calling it ACA “light” is a fair description
  • This will not become law — too many problems with it

  • The WH is “hanging back”
  • Historically, the GOP has hated the ACA
  • Would devolve medicaid to the states (which is unlikely)
  • It doesn’t look like a winner

  • If the Freedom Caucus isn’t behind it, it won’t pass
  • It’s been 4 days since the Trump Tweet about O — so far still no face-to-face meetings between Comey and DT
  • WH says POTUS Tweets “speak for themselves”
  • DT is obsessed with the media
  • Is anyone in the WH challenging DT’s thoughts?  DT seems to believe whatever fits his view of the world

  • What will it take for the GOP leaders to push back against DT?
  • With each new DT-related controversy there’s a “pile on impact” hurting DT’s ratings
  • The GOP is guided by polling

  • On March 20 will be the first public hearings on RU
  • When will the GOP tire of dealing with the RU drama and hand it all off to a special prosecutor — one that would be immune from political pressure?  If there’s nothing there — let’s get it done and over with!  Same if there “is” something there.
  • One panel member believes there was collusion with RU that will ultimately come to light

Wikileaks dumped info. re: CIA using its spying technology on US citizens via smart phones and smart TVs.

Who is Senator Chuck Grassley?

Who is Rod Rosenstein?  If confirmed he will be the #2 in the AG office (under Jeff Sessions).  



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