POTUS-DT has not asked FBI to elaborate on why he (Comey) asked the DoJ (without result) to “knock down” DT’s “Obama had my wires tapped” allegation.  Why not?  The WH is refusing to comment on the accusal.

Paraphrasing Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI):

  • The FBI reports to DT
  • ‘This’ sends a ‘horrible message around the world’
    • Looks like Putin tactics — DT imitating Putin techniques
  • When will the GOP leaders “stand up to him?”
  • DT did *not* consult with anyone else prior to his Tweeted allegation against Obama
  • DT ‘credibility’ is extremely low — why would anyone, anywhere, believe him?
  • A ‘responsible’ POTUS is what we need and are not getting

  • Former POTUS-O is more popular than DT right now
  • DT almost daily demonstrates how irresponsible he is

Paraphrasing pundit panel:

  • Comey is upset DT is trying to mar the rep. of the FBI; so far he’s not gone “public”
  • DT did this just to get away from a bad news cycle?
  • How can Comey survive this?
  • Mark Levine is not a legit news source/outlet
  • 30% of the country probably believes DT (which is a depressing stat)
  • The WH keeps saying, “The President believes . . .”  No one should believe everything they think, especially a POTUS
  • If true, there would be a paper trail
  • T calls fake news ‘real’ and real news ‘fake’ (up is down and down is up)
  • DT has a long history of making outrageous unsubstantiated claims/allegations 
  • DT loves conspiracy theories
  • DT spouts nonsense as if it’s a formal POTUS announcement
  • What DT chooses to believe is quite frightening
  • http://www.nationalenquirer.com/photos/donald-trump-wiretap-barack-obama/
  • DT was reportedly fuming, raging, lashing out at staff (while at Mar-A-Lago last weekend)
  • Is DT going to ‘criminally charge’ Obama?

The WH issued a new EO re: Travel:


The new Ban:

  • removed Iraq from the list
  • no blanket ban of Syrian refugees
  • will block only those without a valid visa as of Jan. 27
  • is n/a to green card holders

The WH has demanded a formal investigation (at taxpayers expense) into DT’s allegation re: Obama.  DT seems to look no further than Breitbart and Mark Levine for ‘evidence’ to prove his claim.  Press Sec’y Sarah Huckabee Sanders made talk-show rounds but refused to provide a direct reply (in some instances) to direct questions.

DT was mostly silent on Monday — very unusual — out of character.  Dodging reporters?

Paraphrasing General Michael Hayden, former CIA Director:

Paraphrasing pundit panel:

  • The WH is unsure how to react to DT’s allegation
  • IF true, agents of a foreign government *were* involved
  • IF true, implicates the FBI and DoJ
  • This is nothing more than a diversion to control the narrative and claim that the “Deep State” is trying to destabilize his Admin. . . . trying to rally his base into more outrage
  • DT never accept blames, always shifts it away from himself
  • DT is trusting extremely conservative biased sources instead of our own Government!
  • With Nixon, the GOP eventually stood up to him, telling him that he had to go — we need that to happen again

  • There doesn’t need to be a crime for a special investigation to ensue
  • DT seems to have conceded to the opposing points of the 9th Circuit Court in the new EO (b/c he incorporated them)
  • The new EO won’t go into effect for ten days
  • The Washington State AG will ask around and may file another objection if warranted; he doesn’t take suing a POTUS lightly
  • The new EO is much better, much more Constitutional
  • What worked for DT in the private sector won’t work in the WH . . . DT can’t *control* things like he could in his private world

  • DT has such a high demand for personal loyalty that he’s rejected many nominated for Cabinet positions
  • DT sows chaos and discord then blames everyone else for the mess and fallout
  • There may’ve been an “intercept” of “some kind” . . . maybe there was a legal order to listen-in on the Russians and they picked up conversations of DT’s people talking with Russians . . . maybe DT just got “swept up into” its scope (?)
  • The WH will need credibility but it’s very weak
  • This will “dog” DT until he presents his evidence
  • DT is a pathological liar and he will cost us lives . . . we’re having a Constitutional Crisis!  The IC is pulling their hair out!  How can we believe DT about *anything*?
  • DT doesn’t seem to ‘listen’ to anything but “yes” men and women
  • The WH had a ‘no camera’ press gaggle today (to avoid more negative images/PR)
  • The WH is trying to *kill* stories
  • It’s getting harder for the GOP to blindly support DT
  • DT’s Tweet about O may’ve put O’s life at risk — some of DT’s fanatics may try to harm O 

The US is sending THAAD missiles to S. Korea.  http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/03/07/518977830/u-s-sends-first-parts-of-thaad-missile-defense-system-to-south-korea

DT mentality is easily manipulated by smarter people and they have led him to embrace the “Deep State” theories . . . so T wants a *purge*.   DT and crew *want chaos*.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_state_in_the_United_States

DT thinks in terms of *ratings*.



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