What a dang mess . . .

POTUS-Trump believes that Obama bugged him prior to the election.  Many are asking him to present his evidence for his beliefs . . . so far he’s not done so.  He has not withdrawn his allegation.

Dick Durbin: Trump is destroying the credibility of the office of POTUS . . . 140 characters at a time.

On March 20 (scheduled for the same day as the Gorsuch SCOUS hearing) a public hearing will happen re: various allegations pertaining to RU.

Some are calling for DT’s impeachment.  Congressman Nunes says:  His Tweets are transparent and an acceptable way to communicate with the American people.

Pundit:  DT has never had to answer to anyone before (in his entire adult life).  He has to answer now to the Constitution, the other Branches of Government, and the American people.

Breaking news –> Wikileaks reveals CIA hacking secrets . . . the level of detail ‘was’ damaging.  Cyber-spying is a modern tool being employed by more and more people/entities, not just government intel-gathering agencies.  Teddy Bears!?  http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/product/teddy-bear-nanny-cam.do

Why does Wikileaks seem to only target USA and friends and not dictators around the world?  

Pundit panel says:

  • if real this will compromise the intel gathering ability of the CIA
  • The CIA must always stay one step ahead
  • CIA is not allowed to listen to US citizens
  • US is best in the world in hacking, but not so good at safeguarding our secrets
  • POTUS has praised Wikileaks in the past and has sided with Assange over his own Intel Community reports . . . his embrace of Wikileaks is an embrace of Russia’s cyber-attack
  • Technology exists for someone to remotely take control over someone’s car and crash it (by computer)
  • The Wikileaks cause the ‘bad guys’ to evolve and improve their technology

Where’s Rex Tillerson?  http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2017/02/21/516480949/secretary-of-state-rex-tillerson-keeps-low-profile-since-taking-office

DT Tweeting more allegations against Obama re: Git-mo:  http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/mar/07/donald-trump/donald-trump-wrongly-blames-barack-obama-former-gu/

Pundit:  DT is no longer credible . . . he’s attacked many of the key players in our system.  He acts like a blogger, letting his unfounded opinions fly.  The American people need to know what the true truth is.

What WEIGHT is required for the ‘scale’ to tip to where DT finds the GOP leaders standing up to him?  What ELSE needs to happen?  When will they say, “Enough!”

Paraphrasing a diverse panel of pundits:

  • DT rises at 4 or 5 am and starts reading various media reports
  • DT compares himself to Obama and is somehow ‘haunted’ by Obama
  • DT set the “news cycle at 6 am when he Tweeted that Obama tapped his wires”
  • DT usually relies on his ‘gut instincts’ and acts without consulting known facts or others who might know actual facts 
  • The WH staff may be protecting themselves against any future allegations of obstructing an open investigation
  • DT opened a box he should’ve left closed
  • An indictment is not required for a special committee to investigate
  • Why won’t Comey make an ‘official’ statement?
    • He (DT) can’t deny RU helped him win
    • An Independent Investigation is needed
    • What is the target of the Intel Committees?
    • To appoint a special prosecutor now (at this point) ‘would be’ tantamount to a witch hunt
    • What ‘are’ the sources the New York Times and others are using?
    • DT is playing 3D chess and the media is playing checkers!
    • A ‘normal’ person wouldn’t make such claims without revealing his proof
    • The DP can’t stop Trump except to try to take him down with scandal
    • We are ‘in’ a Constitutional Crisis, right now . . . we don’t have a system to cope with much of what DT is doing

Re: the new health care bill . . . GOP members are not 100% on-board.  DT will ‘nudge’ as many as necessary to push the bill through.  What if many middle-class folks lose their health insurance?  One pundit:  They want to ram this through asap.

Many in the GOP are ‘ok’ with unfounded Trump Tweets.

New York Times reporter Matt Rosenberg:

  • His sources mostly talked about Russians talking with other Russians
  • If they had evidence that DT was personally wire-tapped they’d report that
  • Russian phones ‘are’ monitored (that’s how Lt. Gen. Flynn was heard/implicated and why he later resigned)
  • He doesn’t know if DT’s phone were monitored or not; doesn’t know about FISA
  • The New York Times can’t be the basis of DT’s Tweet b/c ‘that’ is ‘not’ what the NY Times reported
  • Unfortunately, there’s a real burden on news consumers to discern fact from fiction . . . and/but not all are equipped (or have the ability) to do so
  • The POTUS should say what his sources are — he said he’s against un-named sources!
  • We ‘should’ take the POTUS literally . . . his words matter, his Tweets matter.
  • He must have some idea of the potential impact of his words/Tweets

FBI Director James Comey went public when re-newed interest in Clinton’s emails surfaced close to the time of last year’s election (despite a silent rule that 60 days prior to an election the FBI or sister agency would not do something like that in order to avoid influencing an election . . . many think what Comey did helped cost Clinton the election).  However, was there a double standard, in that Comey also had Intel re: possible collusion between DT and RU (to win the election) but did *not* go public with *that* info?  Comey defends by saying that the Clinton investigation was closed, but not so with the Trump/Russia one, and he says he won’t comment on any ‘open’ investigations.

Pundits say Comey’s in a bind and while this should not be a partisan, political issue, it is, which makes the case stronger for bringing in a special prosecutor, someone who can rise above it all and uncover what really did or didn’t happen.  The issue has become so polarized.  DT’s base needs to understand that this is not a partisan issue — we’re all Americans, and it’s the USA against RUSSIA . . . not one group of Americans against another group of Americans — THAT would be giving PUTIN what he wants.  We should all be on the same team here with this matter.

One pundit:  What does RU want?  RU wants the USA out of the way.  It is JOURNALISM that has brought to light most of the ‘bad stuff’ so far but the media pros can only go so far, our law enforcement, with subpoena powers, must kick in to get the job done right.  We must see DT’s tax returns so we can know what his business dealings have been and who with.  Look at what a mess we’re in just six weeks into Trump’s term.  For DT to Tweet what he did about Obama, and then, around the same time, Tweet about Arnold S. and his former TV show are indications of a mind which is not up to the tasks, pressures, and challenges of a POTUS.  What about his dealings in Azerbaijan? https://qz.com/925067/the-trump-organizations-azerbaijan-partner-supports-iranian-terrorists-says-the-new-yorker/

Pundit: It would be ‘good/helpful/beneficial’ if DT and Obama were on good terms with each other . . . it could make a positive difference.  But DT thinks the Obama Alumni are out to get him.  Is there a Deep State?  No, but we do have career government workers.


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