*not* “Front & Center”


During an interview with CBS’s Face The Nation, the ex-CIA director said that Trump’s baseless accusations are dangerous and threaten the safety of the United States.

“Every time these things happen, every time he tweets, every time these issues come up that indicate that there’s obviously something to this Russian issue and the administration is not cooperating,” Leon Panetta said.

“When that happens, when he accuses a past president of wiretapping without any evidence of that being the case, it makes us vulnerable. It weakens the United States and it makes us vulnerable to our enemies. That’s the danger.”

According to Panetta, Trump is “sending a terrible message out there” and leaders around the world are “very concerned.”

“They’re concerned about whether he truly is going to be committed to the kind of world leadership that we’ve seen the United States provide,” he said.


Following Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory last fall, the U.S. is no longer viewed by the rest of the world as one of the top five best countries, according to a survey from U.S News and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, which the president attended.  After being previously ranked the fourth best country in the world, the United States has tumbled three spots to number seven, behind Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Sweden.

According to the report, “More than 70 percent of survey respondents lost respect for U.S. leadership as a result of the toxic nature of the U.S. election,” with many respondents expressing “distaste for Donald Trump.”

Pundit: We are watching, in real time, the diminishment of America in the world.


When asked about President Donald Trump’s claims that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes argued the president might lack experience in politics.
Pundit: They are grading Donald Trump on a curve.


Major associations representing physicians, hospitals, insurers and seniors all leveled sharp attacks against the House GOP’s plan to rewrite the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, as some Republicans publicly questioned whether the measure can clear the House of Representatives.

While industry groups warned that the proposal could leave vulnerable Americans with fewer protections than they now have, GOP leaders pressed ahead, bringing legislation before two key committees that are expected to approve the bills by week’s end. They were also working in concert with the White House to win over conservatives, who have complained that the proposal preserves too much of the current law.

Pundit:  The public now sees health care coverage as an ‘entitlement,’ so the ‘free market’ ideas won’t work . . . this is ACA-light, at best.   The Republicans have never agreed on health care.



Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday he is ready to subpoena the intelligence agencies for evidence that would prove President Donald Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped last year by then-President Barack Obama.  Asked by CNN if he would subpoena for any evidence, the South Carolina Republican said, “Yes.”

SEN. MARK WARNER (D), VIRGINIA: Just came back from the CIA, where there were four senators, and we got a chance to look at some of the raw intel product.

In many ways, we have got even more questions now. We have got more information we have got to get access to. I know as the committee gets into this next stage of listing who we want to have conversations with, but the main thing is that we’re all committed, there were both Democrats and Republicans there today, to keeping this bipartisan.

The American people deserve to hear all of the facts. A lot of what we saw today was the evidence underlying how Russia manipulated the news, how it hacked into the DNC and John Podesta and leaked out in favor of one candidate against another candidate.

But I think these efforts, beyond even the whole question about whether there were contacts between campaigns and the Russians, but this underlying assault on our democracy, I think Americans need to know about this and going forward be guarded in terms of what information they take in.

And these same tactics are being used now in the French elections that are going on even as we speak.


Russia attacked us and this has not been FRONT AND CENTER (by DT and Co.) since it happened . . . Trump and Co. seem to want us to look away from it and forget about it.  The Russians tried to sway the election results to Trump, not really expecting him to win.  Last October, when presented evidence of Russian hacking to then POTUS-O . . . POTUS-O decided to not publish the information provided to him by Intel Agencies b/c he didn’t want to risk being perceived as harming candidate Trump‘s chances to win the POTUS election.  THEN, DT turns around and accuses O of “tapping his wires.”  An example of no good deed goes unpunished?

Pundit:  For DT to accuse O of tapping him is as outrageous and outlandish as when he said O wasn’t a US citizen — wasn’t born in the USA.

Re: DT’s professed love and admiration of women . . . many women say his behavior does not live up to his rhetoric.


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